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Drinking Age Debate Essay

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The debate of whether the minimum legal drinking age has been going on for years. People have their own opinions on what the age should be set at and their reasons. There are many reasons why people say it should be eighteen, and there are many reasons why people say it should be twenty one. It could be possible that changing could have serious consequences. The legal drinking age should remain at twenty one.
Reducing the drinking age would increase the amount of youth who drink and this would lead to more irresponsible drinking.It is not a fact of age but the alcohol itself. Ronald J. Hunsicker, president and CEO of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Provider (NAATP), says, ...view middle of the document...

“The Minimum Drinking Age Debate Revisited” states,“… government statistics have shown a gradual decreasing the rate of alcohol-related traffic fatalities among the 16-20 age group in almost every year since they began reporting such data” (Heath 1). There is enough drinking and driving going on as it is. Is it really necessary to add on to that number? Reducing the legal drinking age sure won’t help. I truly believe that the only reason for the reduction of the amount of fatalities of under age drinker is because it tends to make alcohol harder to obtain for minors with the legal age being twenty one. It is thought that if the legal drinking age is reduced, then the amount of irresponsible drinking and drunkenness well be reduced too. Research shows, “The majority of people around the world who are introduced to alcohol at anearly age and learn to drink appropriately…continue to drink responsibly and rarely get drunk, so that drinking poses no threat to themselves or others” (Heath 1). While this is idea may be possible, it could go the complete opposite way. Children especially young children pick up on their parents habits. If a child’s mother or father is a constant drunk, then could the child become one too? It is important to maintain the drinking age at twenty one because, at that age people are finally thinking for themselves and making theory own decisions.
Under age drinking causes both, health and addiction risks. Reducing the minimum legal drinking age will lower binge drinking and heavy alcohol consumption. Many use the excuse that, “…lowering the minimum legal drinking age as a strategy for encouraging more responsible drinking and for reducing rates of heavy alcohol consumption…” (Silveri 189). They claim that it is not the age of the person, but it is just the person consuming the alcohol. Reducing the legal drinking age is not going to help “encourage more responsible drinking” or “reduce rates of heavy alcohol consumption.” The people who say this do not consider the health risks and addiction problems that could come about in the future. “Excessive consumption of alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States. The extent and consequences of heavy alcohol use among adolescents and emerging adults continue to be a major public health concern” (Silveri 190). Drinking has become a problem with teenagers, ages sixteen to twenty. People are starting to forget the health problems that are involved with alcohol. People don't consider results like death and disease caused from alcohol. Alcohol effects peoples’ mind and memory. “Long-term neurobiological consequences of heavy alcohol consumption have been well characterized in adult cohorts, demonstrating deficits across several domains of human cognition, with executive functioning and memoir domains being the...

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