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Driving Under The Influence: The Effects On Crime And Society

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Driving Under the Influence:
The Effects on Crime and Society
Over the past century driving under the influence has caused many problems for crime and society in the United States and all over the world. According to the state of Utah’s statute driving under the influence is defined as “a person operating a motor vehicle that has been drinking and has an increased amount of alcohol in their system that can show up on a blood test or a breath test of .08 or greater at the time of the test (Wormdahl, 2012).” However, in the state of Utah also includes being under the influence of any type of controlled substance that prevents the driver from being able to operate the vehicle properly (Wormdahl, 2012). In the United States the legal drinking age is twenty-one years old. According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (2009b) the limit for drinking and driving differs depending on the type of vehicle if it is a commercialized vehicle the legal limit is .04 and if the driver is under the age of twenty-one anything above .00, requires a revoked license for thirty days. One thing that is different for Driving Under the Influence that differs from all other traffic infractions is that DUIs can result anywhere for example parking lots or even setting in your own driveway can result in you receiving a DUI charge (Wormdahl, 2012). There are two different terms that can be used to describe someone that is impaired or under the influence and they are Driving While Impaired and Driving under the Influence. In 1983, the state of North Carolina imposed the North Carolina Safe Road Act, which did away with all of the alcohol and drug laws while driving and combined them into what is now known as DWI or Driving While Impaired. The goal of this research study is to educate the readers about the risks and the reward that drinking and driving has on their lives and how it affects other people’s lives.
With the history that drinking and driving has had on the United States, in 2000 congress passed a legislation that would deny federal highway funds for states that did not enforce a blood alcohol limit at .08 percent (Horn, McCluskey, and Mittelhammer, 2014). In the United States, drinking and driving is one of the major causes of death. With that being said according to research conducted by Horn et al in 2006 drivers that had been drinking accounted for thirty-two percent of all car accident deaths, in addition to that the estimated cost of these traffic accidents cost more than fifty-one billion dollars. In a statistical summary out of the state of Washington, a study observed 117,651 stops and the y study the race, gender, age, time and the blood alcohol content of each driver. The highest race that was observed was Caucasians; they were stopped 94,326 out of the 117,651. The lowest number race that was observed was African Americans at 6,566 out of the 117,651. The highest gender that was studied was males at 92,265 with women only being observed...

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