Drinking And Driving. This Essay Tell About All The Cons Of Drinking And Driving. It Is A Personal Essay. It Is Not Very Well Written. It Has Grammer And Spelling Errors!!!

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Driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is one of themost dangerous things that a human can possibly do. When people drink and drive,they are not only putting themselves in danger, they?re also jeopardizing thelives of other road users and pedestrians. At a young age, I use to watch myuncle James drink and drive thinking it was completely normal. Everything was okuntil one day he got too drunk and lost control of the car and hit a tree.Today, I? am still pondering on what caused people including my uncle to drinkand drive? Could it be pressure from your peers, or going and acting wild at aparty, or maybe it?s the numerous of underage teens drinking behind the wheel.After many years of watching and assuming drinking and driving was normal, Ihave completely changed my beliefs and want everybody to realize the true effectof drunk driving.It may be obvious to say, but I believe peer pressure plays a majorrole in whether somebody will be getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. Ithink its more important for our young drivers, because most young people try tomaintain a cool reputation. That means they will go along with just aboutanything their friends will say, instead of making responsible decisions. Forexample last week, my cousin BJ and some of his friends was hanging out at theclub for a drink and everybody was pressured to drink, if not they were calledwimps and punks. So its about 3am and nobody is in the right status to drive. SoI received a call from the club owner saying to come and pick up my cousin andhis friends. I rushed down there thanking god that he didn?t get behind thewheel drunk with a possibility of killing everybody in the car. My cousin shouldof been more responsible and ignored the pressure and explain that if he drink,everybody will help pay for a taxi. Peer pressure!is not too hard to avoid, all we have to do is to make good decisions andexplain them your decision, if their reasonable people they should understand.Drinking too much at parties is another major cause of my changed belieftowards drunk driving. When an individual attends a party they expect to have afew drinks, because they want to casually fit-in with a group. When peopleconsume alcohol very lightly they...

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1135 words - 5 pages 1'DRINKING AND DRIVING OFFENCES'My essay is on 'Drinking and Driving Offences'. In my essay I willtell you the various kinds of drinking and driving offences, the penalties,and the defences you can make if you are caught drinking and driving.Let me tell you about the different offences. There are six offencesin drinking and driving. They are 'driving while impaired', 'Having careand control of a vehicle while impaired', 'Driving while exceeding

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1304 words - 5 pages What possesses a person to get behind the drivers’ seat of a car and drive intoxicated? This question is always asked whenever a drunk driver is involved in a drinking and driving incident. Many people drink and drive without thinking about the consequences. The majority of fatal car crashes are caused by alcohol related incidents. Of all traffic fatalities in the United States in 2005, 39% of traffic related accidents were alcohol related

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1038 words - 4 pages would increase the safety of driving. Less people would be drinking and driving and more people’s lives would be saved. If this law is passed you would still be able to drink. Stone states that “A average 170 pound male must consume four drinks in one hour to and the average 137 pound female must consume three drinks in one hour to reach 0.08, according to the U.S. Department of Transpiration.”(1). This is not at all bad. People can still

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1788 words - 7 pages who decide to drink and drive and end up with injury or death to themselves or another person when all of that damage is one hundred percent preventable. A DD has the potential to help someone keep their driver’s license, avoid expensive fines, and stay out of a possible jail sentence (Hanson par. 1). Plus, there are advantages to the designated driver concept. Being a designated driver can help constitute a personal choice not to drink. It doesn’t

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738 words - 3 pages Did you just get a traffic violation and you're worried your license might be in danger of getting banned? Well, save yourself from fretting too much about the unknown, and find out first how you can deal with the offence, the court appearance, and all the implications it might bring to your driver's license. Below are some insights that might help you. The Offence If you're really worried about the situation, don't hesitate to call a drink

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851 words - 4 pages driving? Texting and driving and drinking and driving are very similar because each of them can take a person's focus off of what the driver is supposed to be doing. The dangers of both texting and driving and drinking and driving are the same, because they can make the driver not aware and can injure or even kill another driver or pedestrian. Texting and driving and drinking and driving can each in their own way can slow a response when it comes to

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1616 words - 6 pages innocent victims each year. Once alcohol enters the body, one tends to lose his or her abilities to think and act clearly. Even small amounts of alcohol can seriously affect one's ability to drive. Drinking and driving is a serious and senseless crime as the facts and outcomes are well known.Drunk driving is a very costly crime for all Canadians. Impaired driving has become the principle criminal cause of death in Canada and more than 1 700

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687 words - 3 pages days, and for repeat offenders, Indiana allows the use of interlock devices, which is an ignition interlock device. It means you have to pass a breathalizer test before your car will start. They have stiffer penalties on drinking and driving now than what they ever did before.There are many groups that are trying to teach people about the dangers of drinking and driving. There is SADD which lets students in on the educating part. They are able to

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1461 words - 6 pages able to give an opinion on the case they are asked to study, which is known as expert advice. A forensic witness who is an expert in court has a number of roles to cover. They must review all the evidence given on the case, analyze the information and come to an unbiased conclusion, provide an opinion regarding the subject manner, and clarify the complex subject to the jury so they can easily comprehend it. Lawyers are not always certain if

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564 words - 2 pages drinking and driving. There are many solutions to this problem, one could call a taxi to come pick them up from their location and obtain their vehicle after the alcohol has weared off. Another solution is going out with a group of people and taking turns begin a designated driver. These are the many solutions that are available but the best solution is not to drink and drive. This is the only guaranteed solution that will not result in death of a living person or damage to our vehicle. There are also many organizations that have been created to help people that have a drinking problem or that would like more information.

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552 words - 2 pages People all around the world drink and they also drive. But driving under the influence of alcohol is a very dangerous, risk taking thing to do, not just to the drivers, but to the passengers and pedestrians as well. When people consume alcohol, their normal functioning of the brain impairs, thus increasing the chances of having a fatal accident when chosen to drive. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 40% of the car

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1610 words - 6 pages if they do. It happens everyday, in cities across the United States, teenagers get killed in car accidents influenced by alcohol and drugs. When teens go to parties where alcohol and drugs are involved, usually the ones that are drinking always seem to be the ones driving home. Drinking and driving is not only ignorant but illegal as well, or at least for people under the age of 21.When you consume alcohol, your nervous system is affected a

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566 words - 2 pages head here and there, but who was he to stop now?He asked himself, "Why is this necessary to have a good time? What happens if we get caught? What would my parents say?" These thoughts slowly faded; however, as the night went on and the alcohol flowed. He could feel his self-control slipping away from him but there was no way to stop it now, so he just tried to make the best out of the situation.Jenna, his girlfriend, was becoming very comfortable

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1135 words - 5 pages 1'DRINKING AND DRIVING OFFENCES'My essay is on 'Drinking and Driving Offences'. In my essay I willtell you the various kinds of drinking and driving offences, the penalties,and the defences you can make if you are caught drinking and driving.Let me tell you about the different offences. There are six offencesin drinking and driving. They are 'driving while impaired', 'Having careand control of a vehicle while impaired', 'Driving while exceeding