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Drinking And Drugs Relation With Mental Health

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Exploration and opportunity is at its maximum during the growing ages of adolescence. When minors are introduced to stimulant substances and alcoholic beverages, the thought process that their developing minds undergo makes them think of it as an expression of their independence and autonomy. Most adolescents who are doing drugs or drinking alcohol typically do not progress to problem use or dependency, however, the ones that do develop a problem most-likely has a mental health problem. Since adolescents have not reached full maturity, substances can interrupt any important developmental processes. The correlation between youth and adolescent drinking and drug abuse can cause a decline in performance, an increase to mental health issues due to addictions and depression due to conflicts in relationships.
Since adolescents are still in school; the outcome of these effects will severely impact their future. “Alcohol is a depressant drug. That means it slows down the parts of your brain that affect your thinking and behaviour, as well as your breathing and heart rate”. ( When they are under the influence of drinking and drug abuse it could possibly lead to a decline in school performance and being intoxicated makes the person incapable to do assignments and maintain focus during lectures. A person who is commonly fatigued is a side effect after being narcotic. Different drugs cause different effects, but some can affect your sleeping pattern. For example, stimulants cause you to stay awake much longer than normal, but when the user calm down from the stimulants, they can become extremely fatigued. ( Often enough it leads to a decrease in motivation and eradicating hobbies and recreational actives out of their regular routine schedule. Chow, a staff writer in LiveScience says, “They found that the long-term cannabis users tended to produce less dopamine, a feel good chemical in the brain that plays an important role in motivation” (Chow, 2013). The lack of motivation could lead the troubled adolescent to drop out of their recreational activities. Having dropped recreational activities will lead the user to become lethargic and possibly become accustomed to an idle lifestyle. Subsequently, substance abuse and drinking alcohol can become a serious addiction.
Addiction is a serious matter for people who do not have control over what they are doing, taking or using, and in this case, the world means doing whatever they can do to achieve it. When matters become serious it can cause anxiety, conduct disorders, and eating disorders. There is a slight difference in experiencing the feeling of anxiety and an anxiety disorder:
“Most people experience feelings of anxiety before an important event such as a business presentation, an exam, or perhaps even a first date. Anxiety disorders, however, are illnesses that fill people’s lives with overwhelming worry and fear. They are chronic and can grow progressively worse if...

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