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Drinking And Sexual Assault Essay

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Communities nation-wide are noticing that sexual assault headlines are becoming more common in the news. Most commonly these headlines are alleging that the instances are happening most frequently in bars and also include under-age drinkers. Some allegations are even stating that other illicit drugs are factors in instances of sexual assault. In order to stop these occurrences communities need to be made aware of the factors involved with these situations.
There are many variables that come into play when mixing under-age drinking and sexual assault. First, women are most commonly the ideal target for predators simply because of their lowered inhibitions when consuming alcohol. This is ...view middle of the document...

In the same article it is noted that another student woke up in her bedroom to a man sexually assaulting her (Martin). In both situations, both victims were women, both were drinking, one of which was under-age and the other was suspected to have been drugged by the date rape drug while drinking at a bar.
With illicit drugs becoming a modern day issue, the possibility of becoming drugged while in a bar is at an all-time high. Many women are becoming more aware of the situations surrounding them and keeping track of their drinks more carefully. However, even with such caution, slipping something into a drink is really a very easy task. One proposed deterrent for slipping drugs into a drink is to put a simple lid on every drink that a bartender makes. This addition would add one step to a bartender’s task. However, the possibility of a tiny pill getting into a drink would be much less.
Should the issues related between drinking and sexual assaults not come to find a solution, the issues will continue to snowball out of control. For instance, there have been several cases in the New Orleans area of people disappearing, as if they are just gone out of thin air. Sex trafficking is a huge issue around the world, if traffickers begin to see that people are getting away with the disappearance of others, the situations will only get worse. People disappearing due to drinking in sexual assault is definitely the worst case scenario, however, there are many other results to these situations.
Each sexual assault situation is different, each resulting in their own horrible ending. Many cases involve sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, disappearances, bodily injury or harm, and even death. The New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault reported that “On average, at least 50% of college students’ sexual assaults are associated with alcohol. Within the study’s nationally represented sample of college students the results found that 74% of perpetrators and 55% of rape victims had been drinking alcohol prior to the...

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