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Drinking In A College Scene Essay

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James 1Tyson JamesProfessor Veronica BonettiEH 101-045 November 2014Drinking in a College SceneCollege campuses today bring up many controversial issues in society. For instance, on several college campuses zero tolerance has been an endless dispute among students and faculty. Members of administration on other campuses are trying to either slow down the consumption of alcohol on campus or stop it all together. Whether the regulating or extinction of alcohol is or is not fair is yet unknown. Reasons that contributed to zero tolerance, actions among universities in the U.S, rules on college campuses and student opinion, and faculty perception on the zero tolerance rule will be used in order to come up with a valid conclusion to this controversial issue. Should college campuses have a zero tolerance rule? Although the various incidents have been noticed, action must be taken to ensure the safety of students. Many universities are trying different techniques to minimize or stop the flow of alcohol on campus. At the University of Kentucky, which is now a "dry campus," drinking is not permitted in any undergraduate housing. Capilouto, the school dean, has also went further to stop teen drinking accidents by banning alcohol at tailgating parties for games (NBC News). They have also ended the selling of alcohol on campus to support their recent "dry campus" rule. The University of Wisconsin and the University of Colorado have put a hold on selling alcohol at their sports events. The Division of Student Life wants all students to have a Wisconsin Experience that is free from the negative impacts of alcohol. The University adopted two programs in the Fall of 2011 that serve as conduct sanctions for alcohol-related policy violations committed by UW-Madison students (Division of student life). Other universities have gone further to minimize drinking. For example, some are even scheduling classes and exams on Fridays to change the drinking habits of students that usually...

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