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Drive Direct & Increased Booking To Your Hotel With Web Booking Engine

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In today’s time, when a sizeable percentage of hotel reservations are done online, we cannot certainly deny the importance of a hotel website which is quite unique and exclusive to the hotel. Yes, unique and exclusive, as the website features all the information related to the hotel in detail and most importantly, it has all the potential to generate good amount of reservations through it.
However, despite being so important, hotel websites are still not leveraged to draw maximum direct bookings. Majority of the hotels are largely and mainly dependent of third party booking agents to get reservations at their properties which is a costly affair. So, in this context, it is quite obvious to say that a hotel should adopt a smart web booking engine to turn its website into a potential source to generate enhanced booking which ultimately leads to profit maximization.
What is a Web Booking Engine and how does it work?
Web Booking Engine (WBE) is an application embedded in a hotel website that allows potential guests to view availability of rooms and book rooms real-time. To put it in a simple way, the web booking engine is a smart tool that turns your hotel website into a perfect platform to generate increased bookings. Due to its increased importance, web booking engine is considered as a single most powerful and important element of a hotel website.
Today, nobody wants to follow the old fashioned “call or email and book” method to make reservation at a hotel. Guests are increasing turning towards technology and several platforms that are powered by internet. Guests make their reservations after doing a thorough research much before their travel date. In a situation like this, it is quite imperative for a hotel to make itself available for sell 24/7. Web Booking Engine ensures that guest find you online while doing their pre-booking search. Apart from facilitating guests to make hassle free bookings, web booking engine’s most important duty is that it enables a hotel to accept bookings for a year in advance.
Hotel website: A great source to generate bookings
Market trend reveals that around 70% of guests make their hotel reservation through several online platforms, but around 135.58% of them make their hotel bookings directly through the hotel website. 2Additionally, according to TravelClick, guests offered with loyalty program account for nearly 80% of all room nights booked through a hotel's website. Now, this is a great news for hotels as this trend (booking through hotel website) is slowly catching up and this...

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