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For most, driving is a feeling of freedom and an indulgence of happiness. People all over could easily tell you the wonderful feeling just being behind the wheel gives them. Although so many love the feeling of a steering wheel beneath their hands and a gas pedal under their feet, there are people who unfortunately do not receive the same free feeling of driving that most do. Well if someone has a license and a car they can have all the freedom of driving they want, right? One might say this, but think about certain groups of people who do not have this opportunity; teenagers and elders.
All teenagers want is the feeling of being independent and to know that nothing is holding them back. Kids grow up thinking that all there is to driving is taking some insignificant test that will officially be the beginning of their driving-hood. Unfortunately, this is not the way that life works. In South Carolina ...view middle of the document...

David W. Eby, Ph.D., research scientist at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, has different views than some. Eby says, “If we’re ever going to solve the aging mobility problem, we need to have better alternatives for people, it can’t always fall to the personal vehicle.” There are plenty teenage drivers out there who undoubtedly would put the blame of their wrecks on the car itself. Would the real diagnosis of teenage wrecks actually be the teenagers themselves? Very many folks would put the blame upon the teenagers, and they would most likely be correct with that presumption. The restrictions on teenage drivers such as, driver’s ed. classes and other qualifications for obtaining a license, are made for a reason. Teenagers live a carefree life style and always are ready to accelerate on to the next busy aspect of life. Not only the celerity of a teenage lifestyle is to be put to blame, but also the fact that teenagers are new to the driving world. Just as a young child has to take their time learning how to ride a bike correctly, falling and scraping their knees along the way, a teenager has to learn the do’s and don’ts of driving all for themselves. The driving restrictions set in place are there for guidance, which is all the reason why they should not be changed. As absurd as they may seem to young adults, the restrictions are there to save lives. Theresa Juva-Brown with The (Westchester County, N.Y.) Journal News states, “Some 3,000 teenagers are killed each year in car crashes nationwide, making it the leading cause of death for 13- to 19-year-olds, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.” This simple statement proves all the reason more why the restrictions on teenage drivers should stay in place as they are. Teenagers will have so much time in their life to live and be happy and drive until they get tired of it, time that can be savored by the restrictions that are placed on them.
Although there are many discussions over the restrictions on teens, there are also so many that are placed on the people that are looked up most to for their wisdom and experience in communities; elders.

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