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Driving Essay

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I always thought learning how to drive would be easy until one afternoon when I was 14 I decided to teach myself how to drive. I found out that afternoon that driving is not that easy and cars aren’t made for running into ditches. From my experiences and others experiences I have found out that it is not easy to learn how to drive.
     When first learning to drive you will definitely need a car and a person to teach you how to drive. I found out that if you first learn how to drive a manual it’s a piece of cake to drive an automatic. If you start out with learning to use a clutch then you have already got the hard part out of the way now you just have to learn the rules of the road.
     After you learn how to drive a manual it will come so natural to you that you will wonder why you weren’t able to figure it out. First off to drive a manual you need steady feet and good hand eye coordination to shift. To start the car push in the clutch (far left pedal) and turn the key away from you. After starting the car keep the clutch in and put the shifter into first gear. Slowly let your foot off the clutch until you can feel a catch, and then apply a little gas to get the car going. It wont happen the first time you try it but by the time you get the hang of it the person in the passenger seat will need a neck brace from the car stalling time and time again.
     When I was in the stage of learning how to drive...

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