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Driving Between Brazil And The United States

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While learning to drive is a similar action globally, there are some quirks and characteristics of how countries impose their rules to confirm that someone is able to drive. Although there is no standard to evaluate the person who wishes to obtain a license to drive, many countries use the same rules. Brazil and the United States; however, have some differences in formulation the rules for someone to get a drive license, the rules laid down in traffic , also when comparing the two countries , is observed a totally different behavior of drivers in traffic . These three factors are essential to define the key differences in the way that people drive in Brazil and the United States.
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For instance, the theoretical test can be studied through handouts found in study sessions, in each department state of transit on website, without spending money paying schools. In addition, in Brazil people need to make eye examinations with an ophthalmologist to establish the health of eyes and the possibility of someone need to use lens degree or glasses for correction. Likewise, a psychological examination is done through a psychomotor test, the physical examination is done to establish the physical integrity, in terms of movements and to provide details about the possible risks or conditions that may compromise the ability of driver. Whereas, in the U.S. the only existing tests needed which has in Brazil is the vision, but is not an examination performed by a doctor or specific professionals , but an informal survey that is made by the same official who receives the documents from people to record. As well, the desk which is the official has an optical magnifying glass that shows some numbers, also letters for the drivers to answer questions by them since through mistakes and arrangements there is an established pattern if the people has passed or not.
There are numerous situations in the behavior of Brazilian drivers that significantly increase the risk of accidents, but the same problems are avoided by safer and educated behavior of Americans who doing the traffic on the roads less dangerous than in Brazil. The rule is simple for drivers in anywhere: the pedestrian always has the right of way. This means that in situations where there is the pass mark in the lanes or roads the drivers must stop when a pedestrian is crossing, even when they show intention to pass through an avenue. Following this important rule, the traffic in the United States becomes safer for both: pedestrians and drivers. The Americans are very conscious in traffic and always give the right of way to the pedestrian; therefore, they respect the time that each pedestrian needs to cross the runway. While in Brazil, unfortunately, many drivers continue to ignore this basic law of coexistence in traffic. Hence they build a more dangerous and unhealthy traffic for all, with the greatest number of accidents and mortality in Brazilian roads than in U.S.As a result, the level of stress and aggressiveness of the Brazilian drivers is alarmingly higher than American citizens, because the poor system of highways and roads cannot support a growing number of people using more cars every day. It creates chaos, since the traffic consumes hours of people to get to their destinations as in their work, so the level of stress and emotional distress are higher there. The roads are not physically well preserved which sometimes brings consequences, limiting where and how the driver is driving, thereby reflecting a greater number of accidents. The impatience of some drivers who has a nervous behavior, in an attempt to get rid limit the situations in traffic, trying to find often wrong ways to...

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