Driving Miss Daisy Assignment From Psychology 101 Class At Portland Community College Pcc College Psy101 Assignment

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Dao Tran
Mark Bergal
Psychology 101
Driving Miss Daisy
1. Compare and contrast personality types of two characters
Miss Daisy seems to have behavioral and psychodynamic personality. Her personality relates to the environment. For example, at the first time she meets her chauffer, Hoke, she hates him although she doesn’t know him before. Because she is a white Jewish woman while Hoke is a black man, and at that time, the society has sharped her mind that whites are superior than blacks. Blacks are not good, thieves, and criminals. Also, she has psychodynamic personality when she denies that she’s rich. She remembers about her difficult childhood. She doesn’t come from a wealthy family.
In contrast, Hoke seems to have more humanistic personality. He thinks forward and is positive. He doesn’t go back to his past, or be affected by Miss Daisy’s rude comments about him. He has high human spirit.
2. Give two examples of both Relational and Defensive communication climates
· Rational Climate:
· The climate between Miss Daisy and her neighbors is relational. When she is on the way to the grocery store, her neighbor smiles and greets her. She smiles back and waves to her.
· Another relational climate is when Miss Daisy and Hoke are at the cemetery. She teaches him how to find the grave just with the first and the last letter of the name. Hoke says he doesn’t know how to read, but she says he does because he knows letters. I feel like she tries to encourage him and is willing to teach him.
· Defensive climate:
· The relationship between Miss Daisy and her son, Boolie, is defensive. They often have different opinions. They often struggle when they talk to each other. Boolie hires a chauffer for Miss Daisy, but he doesn’t ask her before, and she doesn’t like that. Sometimes, she ignores what Boolie says.
· The relationship between Miss Daisy and Hoke at the beginning is defensive. She is always annoyed with what he does. She doesn’t want him do gardening. She blames him for her missing salmon can with Boolie. Hoke tries to prove her that she is rich, but she strongly refuses and argues with him about it.
3. Describe two of the following defense mechanisms; denial, anger, sarcasm, avoidance, displacement, projection
· Denial: Miss Daisy blames the car for her accident. She denies that crushing into the neighbor’s back yard is not her fault. That’s her car’s fault.
· Displacement: after the unhappy conversation with Miss Daisy about her car accident, Boolie shows displacement when one of his staffs stuck on the elevator. He raises his voice to his assistant although it’s not her fault. He got frustrated after the conversation, but he cannot deal anything with his mom, and then he yells his assistant.
4. Select one counterfiet listening style observed: Psedo listeing, stage hogging, selective listening, defensive listening
Boolie shows stage hogging listening when Miss Daisy is talking about her missing can of salmon. She has 9 cans, but now there are just 8...

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