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Driving Privileges Essay

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I believe the state legislators are wrong in taking our driving privileges over our grades and performance. Taking our privileges just over our performance in school and our grades in class, we can't drive to school. Students that drive to school normally have jobs right after and if they can’t drive to school because of their grades and performance then how can they get to work right after school. Students that live far out in the country or in Jackson that go to Oak Hill can’t reach the buses at times and need to drive to school. Driving to students is like their freedom, they need a bit freedom on things and taking freedom is just like telling them that you don’t trust them.
Students have been getting jobs that start right after school, and when the bell rings to leave they go straight to work from school, so if their driving privileges are taking they have no way of getting to work. Right after school some students go straight to work, and most of them drive from school, and if they don’t have that good of grades how are they supposed to get to work if they are not even allowed to drive to school. If they ride the bus from school, they have sat and wait to get home then rush or have to change their entire work schedule just so they don’t get fired and so they can make it to work on time. Students should be allowed to drive to school no matter their grades or performance.
Some student’s houses are far from the bus stop, so the buses can’t get to their houses and they have to waste gas by driving to the bus stop then waiting for the bus to get to the stop. If it snows and there still is school some buses won’t be able to get to the bus stops and students would have to drive to school anyways. Some students live in Jackson but still go to Oak Hill and have to drive, what if they lose their driving privileges and they can’t get to school because their parents work of the mornings and they have to drive themselves. Taking driving privileges...

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