“Driving That Train High In Cocaine”

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Shukhratilla Shamshitdinov Ms. Karen Connolly-Lane English 1101 22 January 2013"Driving that train high in cocaine"As I was traveling cross-country from Chicago to San Diego on the iconic Route 66, I saw many things, experienced many feelings, and imagined many stories. While driving I was eager to reach my destination and dismissed all possible distractions; however, one distraction was constant during my trip. While driving just past the border from Texas and New Mexico I noticed a van broken-down on the side of the road with a middle aged women leaning over an open hood. Seeing a vehicle broken-down on my journey was common, I saw several, but what made this van different were the bumper stickers. Bright colorful peace signs and various band stickers dotted the van with individualism, one particular sticker caught my attention, it was a huge Grateful Dead logo. Impatient to reach the beaches of San Diego I quickly drove by, but my imagination about this woman began to wander, the bumper stickers allowed myself to ponder the story of "Claudia."Claudia, I suspect was born in the late 50's in northern California. She was a good student and was accepted to the prestigious UC Berkley studying philosophy. Claudia was excited about getting out of her house and starting a life on her own. She was enthralled with the independence /education college provided her; she signed up full time classes. During this independence/freedom Claudia began experimenting in the college lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. During the experimentation lifestyle Claudia befriended a young man named Timothy. Timothy presented himself as a "professional college student" in college for many years in conjunction to his travels. Timothy appealed to Claudia because of his rambler free sprite nature. He told her stories of traveling and slumming in Haight Ashbury and the Greenwich Village. Attracted by Timothy's free spirited nature Claudia began experimenting in drugs and was developing a deeper relationship...

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