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Drone Attacks And It’s Legal And Moral Battle

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It was a beautiful day, blue sky above the Pakistani fields, Mamana Bibi and her two grandkids were in the fields picking okra when the unexpected happened, A U.S. drone flew over the field killing Bibi, and injuring her grandson, leaving her grandchildren to find her body spread out in the field.

Mr. President, have you read the Geneva Conventions? According to the fourth Geneva Convention, the killing of civilians during times of war is forbidden and constitutes as a war crime. Mamana Bibi was not a terrorist but an active citizen picking a plant. United States drone strikes have been actively deployed in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen. The President has attempted to justify drone strikes by stating they are "necessary, legal and just", although this reasoning was aimed at al-Qaida terrorists, not civilians. (Guardian)

The United States, has failed to discuss the actions that took place on October 24th 2012, when Bibi was killed in her field. The United States has neither denied nor accepted these accusations of CIA initiated drone strikes. Making one consider the morality of these actions. One must question the legality and immorality of drone strikes in order to justify them.

Ben Emerson, a counterterrorism official for the UN stated: “The position of the government of Pakistan is quite clear: It does not consent to the use of drones by the United States on its territory and it considers this to be a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” (Guardian) These words clearly state that the United State’s use of drones is unwarranted and an act of war.

One must also consider the history behind Pakistan and reasoning for these U.S military drone strikes before making a decision on whether or not one supports the use of drone weaponry. United States investigative reports have shown high profile terrorists to be living in Pakistan however, senate has been in discussion with Pakistani leaders and last week made agreement to withhold from drone strikes while Pakistan’s government is in peace discussion with the Taliban.

The United States blatantly disregarded this peace agreement this week, when they sent a drone attack into a seminary in Northern Pakistan, which resulted in five deaths. These actions displayed by U.S. officials who initiated and executed drone attacks provides evidence that the United States does not care what Pakistani officials think and that the United States are not interested in peace negations.

The Bureau of Investigative Journal, recorded 379 drone strikes in Pakistan from 2004 to present day; 328 of these strikes were initiated by Obama and reports show civilian deaths totaling up to nearly 950 people. Amongst the civilians, 200 were children and these numbers do not include the death toll of Yemen and Somalia, which are also atrociously high and growing day by day.

Fear has entered innocent civilians lives in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen due to U.S drone strikes. America is in a War on...

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