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Drone Delivery The Ethical Use Of It University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Writ 1301 Research Paper

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WRIT 1201
Megan Mills-Rittmann
April 8, 2017
Drones have been out for years now but hasn’t been called a “mainstream” innovation/invention till of recent starting around 2015 till this date with a well-known drone making company known as DJI. Amazon and a couple of other companies decided to use it as a form of delivery which sparked an interest for me to talk about it. Drones were more of like a form of entertainment were people would fly around and experiment with it till big companies like Amazon found an opportunity to make effective use of it and that’s how drone deliveries was born. Due to the technological advancements of drone delivery, it’s very effective in nowadays society to use drones as a form of delivery even though with all the rejections and doubts drone delivery gets. Though there can be machine errors, it’s effectiveness overcomes those errors. The use of drones for deliveries can be both good and bad but from a different point of views which would be further elaborated on.
Drones are a fascinating piece of equipment that business have utilize in a way to make life easier for other people and in return save the environment. One of those ways are through deliveries. Jeff Bezos who is to be the CEO of Amazon told a 60 Minutes reporter during an interview that Amazon would start delivering packages by drone. That was two years ago and he told the reporter that “I know this looks like science fiction, it’s not” (Jeff Bezos) as he ushered the reporter into a room where there were prototypes of the drones. Skepticism climbed into the media and people because at that time the Federal Aviation Administration also known as the FAA control air traffic and drones weren’t permitted to fly unattended. Jeff’s idea about drone delivery was that it need to be autonomous so that it’s cheaper to run and cost effective to both the buyer and the seller. Amazon filled a patent that was later discovered how they wanted to take drone delivery to a next level. According to 60 Minutes, they envisioned an autonomous drone blip hovering in the skies with a lot of autonomous drones in it and be ready to take flight anytime when needed (60 Minutes Interview with Jeff). If it can be used for good then let it be but the only thing stopping Amazon and their dream is the laws set in place for drones like the law which states a drone needs to be in line of sight of the operator even though operated by the operator or automated. Amazon made the idea of Drone delivery spread around even though it has been existing for a while now but wasn’t popular at it became after Amazon released their plans and it’s taking flight that is, other companies are finding ways to intergrade it into their own ways. An example is Domino’s Pizza, which uses drones produced by Flirtey to delivery pizzas and as of August 2016, Domino’s Pizza was given the green light in Auckland New Zealand. Going in depth on how they would successfully accomplish a pizza delivery without any failure,...

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