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Drone Strikes Essay

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The use of unmanned aerial assault vehicles (UAVs), or drones, for strikes around the world has been a question of ethics and morality ever since the technology developed. The United States Air Force, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Department of Homeland Security, Coast Guard and Central Intelligence Agency have utilized these types of aircraft in the conduct of their operations, both to strike in a foreign country, and to secure our borders. Both sides, for and against their use, have irrefutable points. The purpose of this article is not to refute the opposing position, but rather show that their use is both morally acceptable and necessary for the security of our nation’s interests both domestic and abroad.’ The article will be split into two major parts, the first covering the foreign use of drones, particularly in the country of Pakistan, and the second covering the use of drones within and around our borders for both security and law enforcement.
The use of UAVs in the engagements in Pakistan have been in controversy since before the first such operation. There is much more controversy, therefore, on exact numbers for militant casualties and noncombatant (NC) casualties as a result of these strikes. Even the Pakistani government itself has not held a firm position on this matter. The primary opposition to the use of UAVs is that too many civilians are killed as a result of them. This is very true. A single noncombatant person killed as a result of the usage of drones is too many. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. Whether you agree or disagree in war, noncombatant casualties have to be accepted as inevitable. The Department of Defense can try to reduce the amount of NC casualties as much as possible, but it is impossible to make that number zero. With the technology employed in these drones, the U.S. Air Force can shoot a missile through a specific window of a specific building nearly anywhere in the world without much risk for a miss. Supposing there is a strategic target in the room that has been attacked, a minimal amount of ordinance can be used and that ordinance could be effective from altitudes of a few miles or more. The problem with this is that if an unfortunate civilian haplessly walks into the wrong room at the wrong time, or the intel is bad, innocent lives could very easily be lost. The opponents to the foreign use of drones argue that a strike team of U.S. soldiers would be less likely to pull the trigger on that hapless civilian. In addition, a squadron of U.S. soldiers would have a higher chance (although admittedly not zero) of apprehending the target and associates without any unnecessary casualties whatsoever. As convenient as that sounds, there is too much of a cost to take that course of action in many cases. The risk of life to our soldiers notwithstanding, there is also a much higher risk of the loss of equipment and a greater risk of mission failure. Opponents argue that the cost of a human...

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