History Of Drones And How They Would Re Shape Modern Warfare

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“Government’s targeted killing of three U.S. citizens in two drone strikes, both in Yemen, far from any armed conflict zone.” (“Targeted Killings”). Drones or unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is the technology that has taken war and fighting to a brand new level. The technology is believed to lower the use of troops and life loss in the wars that are happening today. Can that same technology be considered dangerous? Or are the side effects something that can simply be considered a small cost for something better? Drones demonstrate a growth in technological advances , and also the world. Although as brilliant this technology might be, it brings a threat to the people.
Drones and UAVs are remote control vehicles that need no pilot, instead they use a signal coming from a machine that someone is controlling. Although that is not always been the case for drones, the technology in its primitive stage was available during the late 1800’s. It was seen during the civil war in the form of hot air balloons and both north and south possessed a way to create the machines. They contained a timed mechanism that would release an explosive when the time was over, this seemed very clever, but at the time it was not very effective. Years passed and the Wright brothers and created the airplane in the early 1900’s, and they did needed pilots. The concept of airplanes was moved to the next level when in the 1930’s Britain Royal Navy created one of the first UAVs. This particular UAV was know as “The Queen Bee’’. This particular model was driven by what is said to be a radio signal. Much later Drones became much more complex and that is because years of technological advances were added to old models that were being produced in late 1900’s. Today, people only see drones as the big planes that are used to fight in wars, but that is a small mistake. What they do not realize is that these machines come in all shape and sizes and have different purposes. Also the way they are controlled changes, depending on the machine. Starting at the bottom the UAVs and drones of small size can be operated by remote controls and more likely are being used for surveillance. The bigger and more sophisticated machinery use software that allow them to fly pilotless but still have someone behind a screen to tell it whether to attack or not. Drones can be dangerous, depending on who is behind the trigger (Suebsaeng).
UAVs and Drone technology has spread throughout the world. This technology today has reached an approximate of 11 countries and among them are The United States, China, and The United Kingdom. The United States leads in manufacturing, production and usage of Drones, following is china which is one of their biggest competitors. Having all these new advances has created some type of invisible arms race between the countries. At the same time the U.S has a high production on what is known as the RQ-7A shadow. Also Iran has another distributing lead and potentially present some...

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