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Technology is like a hammer, it can either build the house or destroy the house. Technological advances have led to the creation of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), and much controversy has surrounded them ever since. The prominent use of these drones was to aid soldiers in warfare and to eliminate high profile terrorists. Yet, the drones have a good history of adding “collateral damage”, such as consecutive manslaughter and surveying unmentioned stealth missions. Because drone strikes add collateral damage, it has become necessary, from now on, to reduce the further usage of drones and halt drone-technology from advancing. After researching upon this controversial issue and considering both extremes of the spectrum, it has become very important for us Americans to understand and take action against this new menace.

Although UAVs were being secretly being tested in the 90s by the CIA, they were seen for the first time in 2004 for private surveillance and covert operations. Its use became prominent when the military desired its advantages. The first known drone strike was in Wana, Pakistan, where 7 deaths were accumulated, of which 2 were innocent children. Since killing innocent bystanders became a common pattern, the US mostly censored media related to drones. One of the most gruesome strikes occurred on October 30, 2006 in Chenegai, Pakistan, when a CIA drone unintendedly attacked a school, killing 69 children and 12 civilians. So far, drones have been linked to 3,200 deaths, of which, stupendously, only 2% were the intended high profile targets. Latest news concerning a drone strike was on December 21, 2013 in Yemen, where a MQ-1 Predator drone equipped with infrared cameras and two Hellfire missiles was aimed to eliminate a high profile target, but nearby villagers confirmed that it ended up killing guests at a wedding. Nasser Al-Sane, a local journalist, told NBC news “You cannot imagine how angry people are (about the strike). They turned a wedding into a funeral.” The Obama Administration started directing an internal investigation just a few days ago. The latency to act upon an unintended mistake caused by drones on numerous cases have led us...

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