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Drones: Safety Comes In Different Forms

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“The Pentagon now boasts a fleet of approximately 7,500 drones, up from just fifty a decade ago. According to a congressional report, ‘manned aircraft have gone from ninety-five percent of all aircraft in 2005 to sixty-nine percent today’”(Zenco). Drones are increasing in popularity. Military, federal, and police officers have been bickering with the public on the lack of privacy that they will have if drones come into everyday life. Apart from these negatives, drones are used in positive ways like mapping out a perimeter of a building or trying to catch a criminal on the run. Despite the false accusations that drones have encountered, drones have, and are helping in more ways than one. ...view middle of the document...

“Police departments across the country are adding new high-tech airborne devices to their crime fighting arsenals”(Chirico). More police departments are requesting for drones to be able to be used in operations such as a search-and-finds, locating bombs, finding kidnapped children, and assisting rescue workers. Drones have many benefits but in the opposition side, most people are afraid of the flying drones due to the lack of rules that come with drones or that drones are “taking away their privacy.” For one UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) it is required that at least 168 people directing and using the drones (Zenco). These high-tech devices are difficult to use if the person doesn’t have experience with this kind of new age technology so it requires a deep extensive knowledge of drones. Most people fear the new advancements that are happening with the UAVs, but there is another decent amount of people who believe that drones can help us progress into the future with better safety of officers.
The right to privacy is the fourth Amendment, which prohibits search and seizures and requires a warrant to be supported by probable cause. The fourth Amendment allows people to think that drones are breaking this rule of privacy. On one hand, you could have drones supposedly “breaching” the privacy of Americans or you could have a faster and more productive way to save lives quicker than any one human could possibly attempt. Only about one-third of all Americans are afraid of losing their privacy to drones, the other two-thirds either don’t care or are slightly concerned (Lowy). On average about seventy-one percent of people didn’t care or mind that there were drones, only about twenty-four percent were slightly concerned about privacy issues. “Nearly half the public, forty-four percent, supports...

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