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I have always been told that I needed to eat every piece food on my plate because there are other people in this world that do not even have access to any food or water. I have struggled with being overweight for several years but that has changed not too long ago. Being overweight lead to feelings of shyness, sadness and depression. Losing weight not only enhanced my physical appearance but also has improved my overall mental discipline, my health, and mostly my confidence.
At first, when beginning the diet, it was very difficult avoiding delicious, unhealthy foods but I soon began to develop a liking for healthier foods. My diet consisted of eating lean meat such as veal, vegetables and fruits. I ate five small meals a day to increase my metabolism and refrained from both meals and snacks after 6:00 PM. Soon after, the change of diet was not hard to manage at all and actually had formed into a habit. If I were to crave any food at night, I would simply just eat an apple. My self-control and discipline became habitual and I grew to not crave a box of Oreos anymore but instead desired to munch on a few carrots or celery sticks instead. This discipline was needed in order to achieve success in the long run as all it really is, is just a mind game of programming your brain to eat healthy. The best way to look at it is not suffering through a diet and being able to eat whatever after but as a lifestyle to embrace.
Second, my overall health had much improved since I actually started taking care of myself. Before, I couldn’t even run a mile without having to stop to catch my breath and eventually just walk the rest of the mile. Now, I’m able to run several miles without even thinking of leg pains or shortness of breath. I used to have knee pains just by walking to my car in the parking lot but ever since I started running, I no longer have feelings of sharp pain in my knees anymore. Since I have started running, I have also noticed an increase in energy and I actually find myself to be more active and energetic throughout day. Sometimes, I even choose to...

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