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Why do students drop out of their courses? Every year, some students drop out of their courses in various reasons. The main causes are their grades, policy of the class, and the teacher. The effects when students drop out are course retake, wasteful money, and increase the year of going to college.
Retaking the courses are very problematic. Students can have various reason why they would retake their courses. Some students either have low grades or dislike the class. I am also retaking class this spring because I received an unsatisfactory letter. I received this letter because I unknowingly plagiarized in my paper. At first, I thought my instructor wouldn’t find the words I have plagiarized but, my instructor actually found the words that I have copied in the essay we have been working on. So, when I retake the class again, I learned my lesson that I would avoid plagiarizing because I don’t want to retake the course all over again and waste ...view middle of the document...

My brother drop out of the classes a lot of time and he was wasting money. I ask my brother that if he drop out, he is wasting the money that our mother have worked on. My brother’s replay was, “it’s not my money.” I was furious at him at how he does not care how our mother worked all night just for our future. My cousin was also related because when she received her nurses diploma, she was instantly got married to someone. Therefore, she just wasted the money that our aunt has been providing her. So, if I am struggling on a class, I would not drop out because I care too much for my mother and I know that money is very value. I would study all night even if my body gets tired.
When dropping out of the class, students would expect to increase their year of going to college. The time when students would receive their diploma will lengthen and become a drag. Every students should know that even if they like going to campus, soon it would become less exciting to go to college. Students would realize that they are wasting money and retaking lots of classes. By the time I had graduated from high school, I know that I will be attending college. Things that are going through my mind are the time I will be spending in college and how I wished that it would pass on soon. Going to college can be very exciting at first because it’s a different place from what I’m used to seeing and meeting different people. Soon, after finishing my first semester, I realized that it’s just like high school again except that the classes are two hours long and some class have different time. I realized that if I am ever going to drop out of a class, I am wasting my time attending the class I have just chosen and I would expect to stay in college much more.
Therefore, the effect of students dropping out are the retake courses based on their performance, waste the valuable money, and expand the year of pursuing their diploma. Students should learn that dropping out of the class means that they have to retake the class again. They need to learn that when they spend money on courses, it is very important to not drop out. If a student keeps dropping out of the class, the time to receive their diploma will stretched.

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