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Drop The Bomb? Essay

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U.S. History - Grech

Atomic Bombs Dropped on Japan, Justified?

     On August 6th and 9th of 1945 U.S. bombers dropped atomic bombs on the

Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing utter destruction and many deaths.

These bombs were dropped as the Pacific battles of World War II were coming to an end.

Soon after Japan surrendered, ending the war. But, was the use of atomic warfare

necessary? Was it too harsh and cruel to the Japanese? The first question was whether or

not to drop a bomb. The effects of atomic warfare had not been known and studied, but it

was apparent that it would be a good tool in ending the war. The first bomb did appear

necessary to ending the war. It would put Japan in check to bring a quick finish to the

fighting, saving many lives, as well as prevent the Russians from joining the Pacific War.

The second on Nagasaki, however was obviously not. It was handled foolishly, in that the

Japanese were not allowed enough time to surrender and it seemed like a big sick

experiment. The United States of America was justified in dropping the atomic bomb on

the island of Hiroshima, but not justified in doing the same to Nagasaki.

     Throughout the war scientists had been involved in the notorious Manhattan

Project, the production of the atomic bomb. In three years the U.S. was ready to test the

first atomic bomb, and did in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Seventy prominent scientists

signed a petition to warn the government of trouble ahead. They did not yet know the

dangers of this powerful weapon and wanted to stage a demonstration for the Japanese to

see what power the U.S. had. That never happened. George Marshall then suggested that

we warned the Japanese ahead of time to clear the military base at Hiroshima of people,

but the army didn’t want the Japanese to expect the attack. Less than a month after the


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