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YouthBuild Providence is positioning itself to become a local leader in urban education reform. With the incorporation of best bet practices both in the classroom in the not so tangible elements of its programming, YouthBuild will be able to inform education partners on dropout prevention and recovery strategies.
The program wants to build capacity in the programmatic areas such as support and transitional service to match the increase in enrollment and those active graduates in the PSE pipeline. These areas have taken a hit with the concentration on building the educational engagement because of the high school diploma track.
In addition the building capacity in support service, the program will undergo an image change. After months of research it has been noted that YouthBuild Providence is known for one aspect; Construction. This can and is counter protective to the work that is currently being done in the education networks. It is important to the community at large look at YouthBuild as an Educational entity and not just a workforce development program.
As the program ends it’s two year pilot with the Providence e School Department, it is our desire to increase enrollment by 50%. This 50% will include those struggling students transitioning to high school as well as those in danger of dropping out; regardless of number of credits.
We are also committed to building stronger relationships within the PSE networks to extend to more 4 years colleges/universities in the New England areas. It is also apparent that the program is slowly but steadily developing a precollege or early college track within its existing program model.
Lastly, and most important, the program is committed to taking lead in building a statewide coalition to address Dropout recovery as a state-wide strategy to increase the graduation rate.
Although Rhode Island has...

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