Dropping The Atomic Bomb On Japan

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Currently, the United States of America is in the aftermath of a military action in which the U.S. used a preemptive strike with a weapon of unmatched technology and power. The United States went after an enemy who had attacked without warning (the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001)… or at least they went after whom they thought had attacked us. By heading into Iraq, the U.S. was attempting to finish what could become a messy, complicated war. The United States has tried this before, lets see how it worked. 

On August 6, 1945 the United States dropped an unprecedented atomic bomb on Japan, which effectively ended the second World War. The dropping of the atomic bomb was a momentous event in history. The decision to drop the bomb has been scrutinized as to its necessity and morality, and the question has arisen: if the United States had to do it again, would they drop the atomic bomb? The official government story is that the atomic bomb was the quickest way to end the war...

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the use of Atomic Bomb on Japan

1122 words - 4 pages 1939, the Nazis were rumored to be developing an atomic bomb. The United States initiated its own program under the Army Corps of Engineers in June 1942. America needed to build an atomic weapon before Germany or Japan did.Hence Roosevelt put together a group of scientists to work on nuclear technology in Los Alamos, New Mexico ? code named: The Manhattan Project.In 1945, though Germans were defeated, Japanese were still fighting on their

was the atomic bomb on japan necessary

1570 words - 6 pages , as japan was making its efforts to end the war with the complete surrender of everything except the person of the emperor. The state the country was in at the time was at complete and total destruction gave more reasons why dropping the atomic bomb would be pointless. Similarly, the thoughts of political figures on why the dropping of the atomic bomb is not justifiable, increases the logical understanding behind it being senseless. The dropping

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1471 words - 6 pages America's Dropping of the Atomic Bomb The bomb was dropped for a number of reasons. I believe that revenge for Pearl harbour coinciding with pressure put on by President Truman to drop the bomb was significant. However many other factors were involved. These included political, military, economic, scientific factors along with Truman wanted to gain retribution for Pearl harbour. These factors along with others gave a

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979 words - 4 pages Truman decided to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Kokura, Niigata, and Nagasaki because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor without warning. This occurrence happened at the end of WWII. America, China, and the United Kingdom joined forces to gain surrender from the Japan armed forces. The alliance, also called the “Manhattan Project,” tested an atomic device, and were able to make weapons based on two alternate designs. One was a uranium gun-type

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2465 words - 10 pages Britain to discuss the war effort in Japan. He proposed the idea of dropping a weapon of great power on Japan to force them to surrender. The world leaders concurred that for the common welfare cannot drop this terrible bomb on the old capital or the new. They decided that the targets would be strategic or military in nature. As World War II dwindled down, the majority of Americans supported President Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb

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1307 words - 5 pages The Second World War started in 1939's. In the beginning it was a war only in Europe, but as the time passed on, all world was getting involved in it. Some countries weren't happy about their situation and one of them was Japan. In this essay I am going to discuss why Japanese attack the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Japan getting stronger, about atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was Truman right to drop it.War in Pacific began

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1322 words - 5 pages hesitation or ambivalence over the decision to use atomic weapons (Walker, 51), it is important to examine what factors contributed to these swift actions. It was believed that dropping an atomic bomb on Nagasaki would resolve a number of problems in a simpler fashion than prolonging the conventional warfare until Japan finally ceded defeat. The primary goal of this extreme force was to bring a swift end to the war in the Pacific,(Walker

President Truman: The Reasoning for Dropping the Atomic Bomb

1658 words - 7 pages wanted to use the atomic bomb to end the war in the Pacific, but with fewest U.S. catastrophes. This decision was one of the most momentous decisions of the 20th century and extremely perplexing when analyzed. Harry S. Truman became the 33rd president by the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. President Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945 from poor health and exhaustion, only three months into his term. This made Harry S. Truman, President, since

The dropping of the atomic bombs on japan, right or wrong?

3083 words - 12 pages In August 1945 the world changed. Two American atomic bombs were dropped on Japan with devastating effects. On the 6th of August 1945, the Enola Gay, a B- 29 Superfortress plane, dropped the atomic bomb "Little Boy" on Hiroshima. This single bomb killed 80,000 people immediately and about 60,000 more within six months. On August 9, a second atomic bomb that ultimately killed about 70,000 people was dropped on Nagasaki.The dropping of these

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2143 words - 9 pages Chinua Achebe’s problem when he faces a mother and a child and the mother keeps clinging on to her child and does not give up hope. The tone in “ A Mother” is created through the use of the strong vocabulary in turn creating a tragic atmosphere. Chinua Achebe uses strong vocabulary such as “dried up lips” to demonstrate the struggle and the extent to which the child is suffering from starvation. The author also mentions “Other mothers there had

"With Reference to Primary and Secondary Sources, Critically Analyse the Reasons for the use of the Atomic Bomb on Japan in 1945"

2765 words - 11 pages use of the atomic bomb. As one revisionist historian put it, the atomic bomb was used "for its effect not on Japan but on the Soviet Union" . In other words, the bomb was a political tool to bring about a desired effect on the Soviet Union, in order to make the situation in Potsdam better for the USA, and to make the Soviets more malleable.The first indications of this lies in the very fact that Truman insured that the atomic bomb test would be

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830 words - 4 pages In May of 1945, with Germany’s surrender, the Allied forces achieved victory in Europe. However, World War II was not over, and fighting continued against the Japanese in the Pacific. To finally end the war, United States president at the time, Harry Truman, made the decision to drop the newly invented Atomic Bomb on two navel bases in Japan: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Although this did lead to the end of the Second World War, President Truman’s

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899 words - 4 pages On August 6, 1945 the atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanesecity of Hiroshima. The Enola Gay, piloted by Colonel Tibbetts, waschosen to make the mission. The mission was recorded as successful byCapt. William S. Parson at 9:20 A.M. This was an extremelycontroversial military strategy in the United States. Was the UnitedStates justified in the dropping of the atomic bomb? Yes, they werejustified for many reasons. The primary reason was, that it

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2429 words - 10 pages he did and said was absolute. Moreover, there was no way the people or the emperor would sign any agreement that called for the removal and change of the emperor. Finally, there were multiple military leaders that even said the use of the bombs was unnecessary. Many higher ups understood that Japan was on the verge or surrendering anyways. What would be the point of dropping an atomic bomb and destroying whole cities? Furthermore, by

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2208 words - 9 pages determined that as many as 500,000 to one million allied soldiers would die if an invasion took place ("Decision to Drop" 2). The Allies needed the unconditional surrender of Japan to win the war, and the atomic bomb was the way to achieve this. To plan for the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan, a meeting took place at the Pentagon, the United States military headquarters, on May 31, 1945 (Hoare 51). The meeting, called the 'Interim Committee