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Dropping The Bomb Essay

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On August 6, 1945, at approx. 8:15 am the bomb “Little Boy” was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. A light flashed and a huge mushroom cloud rose in the sky(Image 10). Bodies are laying all over the streets and people are screaming. So many innocent were hurt and even more died. Most of Japan was destroyed that day and many lives were lost. The Americans took it too far by bombing innocent people that did not want anything to do with the war in the first place. The things that the U.S. did to the japanese was going over the line and theres no way to take back an atomic bomb.
After the bombing was done, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were in ruins as seen on image 5. Many people were dead and it was the fault of the U.S. they didn't even care enough to warn them before they did it. In document A, they express this by saying that even before the bomb was tested, American officials began to debate how to use it. In the same document, Admiral William Leahy, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff opposed to using the bomb because it would kill civilians indiscriminately, and also that they should use an economic blockade to force them to surrender instead of the bomb. The Americans didn't listen to this claim at all. After the bombing, President truman later wrote that he “regarded the bomb as a military weapon and never had any doubts that it should be used” his advisers had warned him to expect massive casualties if the united states invaded Japan but he didn't care about the lives being lost.(Doc. A) this shows how much the president didn't care about innocent lives being lost. He would not of reacted the same if the United States were to have multiple bombs dropped on them. Another reason that they thought it would be a good idea was the fact that Russia might become more manageable if they were impressed by military might and that a demonstration of a bomb ( blowing up people) might impress Russia.(Doc. C) The United States didn't care so much about how the innocent people of Japan felt and how much they would ruin generations after the bombing.
In document D, A man named...

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