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Drought Emphasis Need For Action Now By Victoria Advocate

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The purpose of the study “Drought Emphasis need for Action Now” by Victoria Advocate is to urge Texas law enforcers to take action on the efficient use of the water resources because as of late, our water resources have been on the verge of a downfall mainly caused by drought. Failure to take action on this crisis could result to insufficient supply of water (shortage) in the upcoming years.
Texas does not have the adequate water supplies that can meet up with the persistent increase in the general population. In an attempt to solve the water crisis, the state legislative have implemented and employed various regional committees who came up with a vast number of projects that would increase the water supply levels by nine million acre-feet. The constitution passed an amendment that would serve Texas with the adequate funds to finance the water projects so as to ensure the availability of water resources for the upcoming years. These projects would prove to be beneficial to the state as they can meet up with the increase in the population level and would assist the state in the event of drought conditions. However, the weakness of these projects is that they are too costly as they are estimated to cost about 53billion. These projects, although they may prove to be beneficial to the state, consumers on the other hand incur an increase in their monthly bills as the municipality department will be forced to increase the water bills in order to contribute adequate funds that can support the projects. As a results, consumers bare more costs.
Although this may prove to be beneficial, funding of these projects have to be within the acceptable economic activities. The maximum that the state can withdraw to fund the project is two billion. Any amount which exceeds the two billion the more reluctant the government is to fund the project. Upon approval, the funds are used to create the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT), and its main objectives is to issue loans to local municipalities or governments to fund the approved projects and to construct pipelines, and buy the required chemicals to cleanse the water, and generators (electrical...

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