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In 2011 Texas entered into a drought that was the worst the state had seen since modern record keeping began 1895. During the driest months of this drought, the water level of two of the largest water resources for two-thirds of the state were measured at 28 percent less than the average water level. In summer of 2013 central Texas received numerous rains, and many people believed it was a sign that the drought had eased, Unfortunately Texas was far from out of the drought. Today Texas water levels barley sit above one-third full. This is a big problem for Texans everywhere because, Texas uses water for everything from its drinking water, to its agriculture, to its recreational ...view middle of the document...

According to Timothy Timmerman, Chair of the Board of Directors of the LCRA, The LCRA in 2012 also set a goal of adding 100,000 acre-feet of firm water to the region’s water supply by 2017. To reach this goal the LCRA has permitted building of a reservoir that could add as much as 90,000 acre-feet a year to the water supply, it has also drilled five new wells that could add 10,000 acre-feet of water during drought years, finally the board voted to secure executive rights to develop ground water from a 5,000-acre site in Bishop county. Though the reservoir is expected to be completed by 2017, the chairman says “It’s ambitious to think we could find that much water that quickly, but we’re almost there.” (Timmerman, 2014)
The state is offering many ideas for conservation of our water supply and, also, how to expand the water supply. At the begging of 2013 Representatives Drew Darby, Lyle Larson and Senator Glenn Hegar presented some proposals for the conservation of Texas water, they agreed that the first step should be to focus on funding a water plan. Tax payers would be paying for some of the costs of this plan. The plan will prioritize regions affected most by drought by analyzing data collected over the past decade. The final part of the plan is that they would need to make sure that the areas will be using the funding to maximize conservation efforts. (Hart, 2013)
Susan Combs (Combs, 2012) the comptroller of public accounts suggested innovative ideas for the creation of new water sources in the 2012 State Water Plan; including Rain water harvesting , Aquifer storage and recovery, water reuse, desalination, and seawater desalination. These innovative ideas will make up 40% of the water supplies to be developed in 2060 along with conservation efforts.
On February 21, 2014 the LCRA put together an emergency drought plan for a third year. The emergency plan includes cutting off water for farmers south of Austin for a third year in a row unless water levels are at 1.1 million acre-feet by March 1st. The LCRA must get permission from the TCEQ before enacting this plan. Usually the emergency plan is passed without much scrutiny, however since this plans cut of is so high the TCEQ needed to review the plan. Due to farmers requests of a contested hearing the TCEQ sent the plan to be judged by the State Office of Administrative Hearings. TCEQ needed A recommendation from the judge to approve a third year of agricultural cutoffs to provide some political cover as it makes a decision that will inevitably upset one side or the other....

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