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2. What is happening in this illustration by Tony Abruzzo, is that there appears to be a young female drowning after the boat she was in has tipped, while her boyfriend looks on from the edges of the Boat while the young female says “I’d rather sink then call Mal for help!” which is of course here boyfriend. I know this because of the writing in the top left corner. As well as this there seems to be some sort of small island in the distance
3. The differences in the illustration by Roy Linchentein is that the colours are clearly more bright and prevalent with stronger shades of blue compared to that of the original, as well as the skin tones of the female. There is also a more old fashion feel to the Tony Abruzzo artwork, The caption is also different to the original.
4. - Same drawing style as the original, including the female and the waves surrounding her
- Same base colours as the original (the blue hair, waves and skin shade)
- Same speech bubble and font.
5. Colour- The brightness of the colours, especially the blue of the lady’s hair is quite prevalent in the Tony Abruzzo drawing, there also appears to be a clever colour mixture between the white pastel colours and light blue to form the shade of the wave.
6. Space- This illustration has a shallow space in as the background, because the background is supposed to be a depiction of the female drowning and is therefore ‘drawn’ mid-way through the act of the female drowning. This also means there is no foreground, middle ground and background.
7. Shape- In this illustration I can see the...

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