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Drug Abuse And Its Dangers Essay

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The subject of drug abuse can be difficult for most. Many people struggle with drug

abuse and know someone that is fighting addiction or dependency. Many people who know

someone try to help them but sometimes the user is afraid of withdrawals because they know that

they have to go through stages that can be harmful or vehement. There are many places that can

treat people for drug abuse and they can help them recover and change their way of life so that

they can have a new start and so they can change for a better life. During Ken Adelman’s

interview he asked a series of questions about abuse of drugs. One of the questions he asked was,

“What's the worst type of addiction--alcohol, prescription drugs, or narcotics?” (Adelman). I

think that addiction is caused because someone does not feel like they can live without it, almost

like an enslavement. Turns out that that is what addiction actually is, it is actually someone not

feeling the urge to change because they feel worse without it. The actual answer to the question

was answered by Babette Wise and he answered that “They're equally bad. Drug use involves

more legal problems. We're seeing more prescription-drug addiction. We need to educate doctors

better. We're doing that at Georgetown. Yesterday I taught second-year psychiatry residents

about addiction. The best way to teach this is by bringing in a highly functional alcoholic or

addict who's been okay for a few years. After she tells her story, the residents say "Wow! “We

send our entire first-year medical-school class--some 165 students--to AA meetings around town.

The best way for future doctors to learn about the disease is from the real experts. And those are

found at AA meetings. What works for recovery? A Twelve Step program is essential.

Alcoholics and addicts need other people to help their recovery. They can't do it alone or with

just a counselor. A recovering alcoholic knows the tricks better than I can ever know them. He

can tell when someone in the group is lying or pulling a fast one. And seeing someone who's

stayed sober--through the holidays and the hardships of life--is inspiring to a new member.

Going to your first AA meeting is frightening. I've never had one person say, "I can't wait to go

to an AA meeting." No one wants to go. I say, "You must go. It has the best track record. If you

were diabetic, you'd need to...

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