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Hallucinogen is the oldest drug that has been used for the ability to alter human perception and mood. Drugs can be very harmful to the brain. There are many effects to being under the influence of drugs.
Drugs are used for two main reasons. Those two main reasons are to fit in with the ‘’cool kids’’ or to change their mood. Most teens try drugs just to fit in or because of peer pressure, but some teens try drugs to get away from their problems. Teens don’t handle their emotions well so some turn to drugs to help deal with life problems.
In this generation lots of students both in middle and high school use drugs to become one of the cool kids as well. By getting high and acting ...view middle of the document...

We constantly stress about being perfect and fitting in with others. Every single person has at least one issue in their life if not plenty more and just one can be overwhelming. Sometimes it isnt easy to get through life. Neglect, abondonment, dissapointment, Sadness, shame, drama, emotions, heartbreaks, trust issues, and pain are just some of the feelings we have to face. This kind of pain can be too hard at times to handle and when it gets to hard we choose to just give up. At this point we go through a little dangerous phase where partying drinking and smoking is involved. Being weak sometimes just seems like the easiest thing to do at the time. This is how the addiction starts because when you first try it you want to do it again and again and sooner or later it becomes a bad habit of yours.
All drugs come with a bad result or bad news. Hallucinogens affect everyone differently, depending on the persons body.Your size, weight, and health can change. The effects last for about four to twelve hours. Effects can be feeling happy and relaxed, seeing and hearing things, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision, clumsiness, fast heartbeat,vomiting, and numbness. These effects can be very harmful. Death can be a result to taking this type of drug or any drug. For some users this experience may be enjoyable or frightening.
This drug experience can be very trippy. When using hallucinogens everything changes.If taken at least once or multiple times, weeks or months after the user may experience random flashbacks. This occurance of flashbacks are unpredictable. The flashbacks can be of anything,it can be something small or big and are very random. Occurs during times of stress and especially with young teens.
The types of effects are physiological, sensory, and psychic effect. Physiological effects include elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, and dilated pupils. Sensory effects include perceptual distortions that vary with dose, setting, and mood. Psychic effects include...

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