Drug Abuse Within Teen In Hazleton

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Drug abuse within teens is an increasing problem within the community of Hazleton. Many great attempts have been made to stop this problem before it’s an epidemic, but they have either succeeded for a short time or failed. Through extensive research on the subject two solutions have been devised that have not been tried yet. These solutions have been made to succeed where the others have failed and are simple enough to take immediate action.
By breaking down and seeing the faults the other attempts have had. These methods are going to surpass them because they incorporate the best aspects of the previous trials. Money will be needed, but in the long run these means will be justified by the end. It’s only a matter of fundraising for the good of the future of the community and of course for the teens that are at risk or are currently from addiction to a drug.
A recreational center is extremely important to be made in the fight against teen drug abuse. Yet, this one is going to be very different than others that currently exist. Entrance to the facility would be free and all of the utilities would be paid for by the community. This center would have multiple indoor activities for its attendees. For better assurance a survey could be distributed in the school to get teen input on what indoor activities they would participate in at the center. It would contain a large swimming pool where lessons could be taught to teens that have not had the chance to learn earlier in their lives. Basketball courts are a must have when it comes to activities for teens, here teams could play and it would also be open for all other kids. A game room with up to date games should be included in the building. This center will not only be for recreation, but also learning experiences for all that enter the building.
Many people may not see the need for such a center. Those same people will present the fact that the community already has the YMCA. What these people do not know is that this center’s staff will all have training in how to reach troubled youth and identify the at risk teens. The training that the faculty would have, will help ensure that the problem is dealt with either before the addiction sets in or right after the first time it’s used.
Although, swimming may not seem as a good way to fight drug abuse it will prove to be a valuable resource. Opposing people would say that teens wouldn’t need to learn this and that it will not stop them from drugs. Teaching a teen to swim will help build a bond between instructor and teen ensuring that there is some type of confidence between the two. With this bond in place it gives the teen another person that they will be able to trust or come to when they are in a predicament that may involve drugs. If an instructor becomes suspicious of drug abuse the teen will not feel as bad or “alienated” because everything will be done covertly and treatment that suits the teen will be sought out immediately....

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