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Drug Addiction: Pleasure Or Pain? Essay

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Drug addiction: pleasure or pain? Drug abuse can destroy an innocent life even before a person realizes it. It usually starts out as what is thought to be harmless experimentation or done just as recreational fun, but can become devastating or even life threatening. Even though many people feel they won't get addicted to drugs or that they won't cause any bodily damage after only a few times of use, they are still extremely harmful. Drugs can cause irreversible nerve damage to the brain and brain cells and cause tissue damage as well.
As stated by Gluckman (2006), “Drug abuse is defined as the compulsive and habitual misuse of any drug for various purposes, such as achieving calming or euphoric effects, an escape from reality, dulling anxiety, and fighting depression”.
Drug abuse, especially with Methamphetamines, is fast becoming a widespread epidemic across our country and can be linked with criminal activity. Meth can be found anywhere in towns, cities, farming areas, rural areas, and suburbs. It affects everyone in all walks of life from the poverty level to upper class citizens.
In 2003, nationwide urine testing was conducted on males that had been arrested for all types of crimes. Meth was found to be associated with much of the criminal activity. The cities with the highest rate of methamphetamine-positive arrestees were as follows:

Note: Pie chart goes here with information on the cities. Couldn’t get chart to copy over.

Methamphetamines are a man-made substance that can be consumed in several ways. It can be smoked, as like a person would a cigarette or pipe, injected directly into the veins with a syringe, or snorted up the nose in the form of a powder. The “high” that is desired is best achieved when smoked from what is called “glass” or “ice” (Falkowski, 2004).
Places called meth labs (areas where meth is “cooked”) are found in unthinkable locations such as garages, barns, offices, workshops, and even cars. Ingredients for making meth can be easily found online or spread by word of mouth. Some of the ingredients include anhydrous ammonia, camping fuel, ephedrine, batteries, and iodine (Falkowski, 2004).
When these poisonous, flammable ingredients are mixed together they become incredibly dangerous especially if not handled correctly. They become highly explosive and are considered hazardous. Many people who try to make meth do not know how to handle the ingredients properly and the results can be deadly. The fumes are toxic and can result in flash fires (Falkowski, 2004).
After a meth lab is found, a specially trained team must come in to clean up the area. The building, groundwater, and surrounding land may be contaminated with the hazardous waste generated by the meth production and special precautions must be followed (Falkowski, 2004).
When a person uses meth, they can be in an altered state for as long as 12 hours and even have some lasting effects long after the drug has worn off. Some of the signs a...

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