Drug Addiction Is A Disease Essay

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People under-estimate the severe impact drugs can have on their lives, because becoming addicted to drugs can happen so fast, and people can lose so much. Drug addiction destroys individuals and families every day. Addiction is a disease and it can be equivalent to cancer. This disease is cunning and baffling. The disease creeps up and causes the addict to self-destruct. Some addicts do not realize the damage that was cause to their families and love ones, due to their active addiction until it was too late.However, recovery is possible being willing to do whatever it takes to have a better quality of life is the key. Recovering addicts must strive every day to stay clean and accept responsibilities for their actions. Taking these steps over time an addict's life will become manageable and things will be in a better perspective.ProgressionSome people use drugs because of different circumstances in their life. A number of causes for drug use can be peer pressure, depression, suppress feelings and not wanting to face reality. A person first starts using drugs for recreational use. Then the disease starts to progress where the person is using more every day. Suddenly, the person is addicted and this person is now an addict. This disease progresses like cancer, slowly attacking the addicts' mind, health, living style, and family.Addictive BehaviorsAddicts make unhealthy decisions while under the influence of drugs. Children are neglected and unattended, due to a person's addictive behavior while using drugs. A person on drugs places them self in dangerous situations and at the risk of being incarcerated. Addicts lie, cheat and steal from family members and friends. An addict has to support a bad habit mostly by breaking the law, illegal activities, as selling drugs, stealing from stores, prostitution, and robberies. These are prime examples, of what an addict is capable of doing to obtain money for their drug use.A Families Mental StateFamilies are depressed and struggle with their feelings because of addicts' addictive behavior, which are mostly negative. Family members are always worried about the welfare of the person using drugs. Sometimes not knowing where the person is for days at a time is nerve-racking for love ones. If this person has a significant other, it causes stress on the family especially when children are involved. Many family members seek therapy to be able to cope with a love one on drugs and learn how to stop enabling that person.ConsequencesAn addict will stop using drugs one day by three mandatory options: jails, institution or death. A person has to hit rock bottom to make a change for better or for worst. My rock bottom was when the police raided my house and I went to jail for several weeks. The Department of Children and Families removed my children from my custody, and placed them in foster care due to my bad decision-making and active drug use. My children where living with strangers in a different environment. This was a...

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