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Drug Cartels In Mexico Essay

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In 2006, the ex-president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, launched a massive offense against drug trafficking organizations. Since then, more than 40,000 Mexican people have been killed in drug-related violence ("Mexico's Drug War”). Currently, people in Mexico are being killed and the violence is growing due to the drug war. The Mexican “drug war” refers to the government’s actions against the powerful trafficking cartels that terrorize the Mexican people. The situation in Mexico has become increasingly violent since 2006 after president Felipe Calderon’s declaration of war in Mexico (Murphy). The violence between the drug cartels is affecting the people and they are paying the consequences ...view middle of the document...

Sinaloa cartel remains the dominant drug trading organization in Mexico, with a monopoly on up to 45% of the industry (The War on Mexico cartels). La familiar Michoacana is a newer cartel which has quickly gained a reputation as the most violent. After the deaths of the mains leaders of the group, a power struggle has left the cartel in the hands of new leaders who renamed it The Knights Templar (The War on Mexico Cartel).
As the number of drug cartels continues to grow, the violence will increase. There are three main sources of violence: intra-cartel disputes, inter-cartel rivalries, and the war that Mexican President Felipe Calderon launched (The War on Mexico Cartels). When President Calderon entered office, he sent in the federal police along with army units to attempt to eliminate high values leaders (The War on Mexico Cartels). The cartels reacted by unleashing a wave of violence, but his critics say his strategy has often made matters worse. In 2010, the cartels focused in part on aggression towards public servants, killing 12 mayors and gubernatorial candidates (The War on Mexico Cartels). Intra-cartel violence is violence that occurs among and between members of the same drug cartels. The Intra-cartel disputes can start by the loss of their leaders and the disagreement of powers (The War on Mexico Cartels). The inter-cartel rivalry is controversy that occurs between different cartels. This starts by cartels recognizing the weakness of their competitor and move to try to take their territory and trading routes. The result is a wave of killing and violence (The War on Mexico Cartels). The drug cartels are now using assault rifles to rocket propelled grenades in crimes and the result is that the violence and deaths of innocent people are increasing. According to the North American Congress on Latin American, “both the cartels and the Mexican state get the arms from the U.S.” Furthermore, in...

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