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Drug Coverage Expansion In Canada Essay

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Canada lacks a medical drug coverage program, causing drug costs to be paid by the patients themselves from their own pockets, or a mix of private and publicly funded drug plans. However, those who have insurance may even possibly face difficulties affording medications because most insurance plans require payments from patients, resulting as a barrier to access needed drugs. While provincial governments cover most drug cost for seniors and those receiving social assistance, the provincial government fails to provide drug coverage for individuals that don’t have the same benefits, which can result in high rates of not having the urge and failure to fill their prescription drugs.

Patient paying for their own prescription drugs is an important issue, that may result in a negative impact on treatment access for patients. It's clear, medical drugs today can play a huge role in providing cures for diseases, and help manage chronic health conditions for many people, and without better drug coverage systems, Canadians do not have a universal health coverage.

The focus of this research paper will look into the barriers caused by Canada’s lack of prescription drug coverage such as, finical hardship for individuals who don’t have coverage on their medical drugs. The paper will also look at scholarly journals and studies to relate to the benefits that will result in the provincial government paying less towards health care, if the provincial government would to include prescription drug coverage in Canada’s Health care act. Overall the extension of the Health care act on medical drugs will both benefit the provincial government and Citizens in Canada.
The Canadian health care coverage system is made up of thirteen independent health insurance systems, each province and territory has their own health care system and health care coverage plans. Provincial governments are required to make medically necessary physician and hospital services available through universal public coverage. However, it does not include any prescription medication that is used outside of the hospital, resulting in an increase for private insurance companies. Coverage for medical drugs can be offered either from public or private insurance plans, each Province has public drug programs for seniors and social assistance recipients, or even in many provinces people rely on employer provided private insurance. (Karen, 263) Since both public and private insurance coverage for prescription drugs varies in terms of eligibility, for example a private insurance company would drop you or even reject you as a patient if you have a family history of chronic diseases. Thus, leaving a significant number of Canadians uninsured against the costs of prescription drugs. Leaving the uninsured Canadians to have high expenses to pay for medication because individuals end up paying for the full cost of their prescription drugs. The Fraser Group (2002), stated that “Eleven percent of Canadians are...

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