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"DOMINICAN DRUG DEALERS: 1. Selling drugs to our kids. Many die as a result and homes are destroyed.2. Washington Heights, Dyckman and connecting areas are infested.3. They are moving up to nice neighborhoods, making it unsafe and destroying what was once beautiful. Making noise in front of buildings and streets, disrupting our peace with loud music.4. My girlfriend's daughter in Riverdale (14 years old) was sexually harassed in a (Seaman Co.) taxi. She is afraid and ashamed to come forward. Other taxis companies to watch out for are Kiss, Highclass, First Class, Diplo, Professional, Bailey, etc.5. Many are illegal immigrants sneaking in. Some go by boat to Puerto Rico and marry or come to the United States with other names and social security numbers.Not all are a threat but it seems like most are according to the newspaper s over the years." This was an article found in the Riverdale Press, in Bronx, New York.Though this sadly misinformed and blatantly racist writer speaks solely of Dominicans, the purpose of this email is a calling out of all ethnicities.I write to you as a 21-year-old American citizen, born and raised in Bronx, New York. Yes, I am Dominican, though I neither came by boat or marriage.My name and social security number are real, and unlike the targets of this article, I am not a drug dealer. I am a college-educated professional with years of schooling behind me and a successful career ahead of me. No, I don't have any kids, I'm not on welfare, I'm not a dropout, and contrary to popular belief, yes, I do speak English.What you read in that article is a disgusting display of the prejudice and racism that still exists in our society. And worst of all, in New York City, a place considered by many to be the melting pot of the world. Speaking as a Dominican offended by the insults and stereotypes in that article, and as a person...

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1254 words - 5 pages Surveillance Cameras How are kids safe at night? Do they roam the streets without adult supervision? Are drug dealers taking over the streets? Are drivers nervous of everyone else’s bad driving habits? Although some believe law enforcement cameras invade privacy and disrupt everyday lives, cameras help keep citizens safe. “Police departments across Great Britain credit cameras with dramatic crime reduction, citing such impressive results as 75


869 words - 3 pages by legalization and that the problem is so hopeless we should give up trying to fix it.       Although some of Bennett's counter arguments are stronger than others, on the whole they are a fair assessment of the views Bennett opposes. Bennett's least convincing arguments attempt to counter the claims that legalization would eliminate the drug dealers' profit motive, that legalization would reduce the crime rate, and that

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750 words - 3 pages increased emphasis on rehabilitation and the decrease of drug pushers. Such a dramatic decrease in drug dealers has not only resulted in crime reduction in England but there was also a decrease of drug use.      It is true, legalization will not eliminate the major cause of violent crime; however, most argumentation which says that drug legalization will not decrease crime deals with the idea that most violent crime occurs as

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854 words - 3 pages of drug pushers. Such a dramatic decrease in drug dealers has not only resulted in crime reduction in England but there was also a decrease of drug use. It is true, legalization will not eliminate the major cause of violent crime; however, most argumentation which says that drug legalization will not decrease crime deals with the idea that most violent crime occurs as a result of alcohol use(Light). Since this is true, and legalization

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976 words - 4 pages accomplishes two goals: deterring drug use while guiding users to needed treatment or counseling. Students will be tested on a random basis through out high schools nationwide. The apprehensions of drug dealers, is the foundation for the increase in the drug policy budget. The U.S. Government’s master list of targeted trafficking organizations is shorter this year, thanks to the elimination of eight major trafficking organizations during the past

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849 words - 3 pages made drug. People who use heroin have no idea what is actually in the drug they are about to use because it has passed through so many hands. Drugs are often laced with something other than what is supposed to be in it. Dealers do this to make there product different from everyone else’s. Sometimes heroin is laced with something and the user dies after his first time. The effects of taking heroin can be very serious including collapsing of the

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723 words - 3 pages ecstasy, as well as the prescription drugs on the market world-wide. These drugs are made available through dealers, streets, and even the doctor's office. In a UN report on the growing growth of drug abuse, it stated, 'Illegal drugs count for at least $400 billion of World Trade Marketing' (James 1999). If %60 of all illicit drug users' are between ages fifteen to twenty-four, how much money is the youth contributing to the ever growing amount of

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1034 words - 4 pages harmful to the userand all those with whom the user comes in contact. There are over 40 million illegal drug users in the world today and America is the biggest market for drugs1 . There are more drug dealers in this country, than there are dentists. Illegal drug abuse must be stopped; it hurts our society, hurts us, and, most of all, hurts the user. Drug users are parasites, feeding off society's money, taxes and insurance. Every type of

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1685 words - 7 pages drug money as a motive in their offenses (Drugs and crime facts 4). When the government criminalized drugs in the 1970s, they ushered in high prices to compensate for the greater risk associated with selling drugs. Drug dealers who avoid getting caught drive up the prices of drugs to maximize their profits. . Driven by the high cost of procuring drugs, drug addicts often resort to stealing, prostitution, physical abuse and other criminal activities

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567 words - 2 pages impurities. Then Marijuana could be taxed heavily because the users will be assured of "clean drugs."Making Marijuana legal will reduce the great amounts of money spent on enforcement every year. Drug dealers and users are one step ahead on the enforcement process. If one drug lord is caught, another one will show up somewhere else. We can't defeat the dealers that way. Too much money is wasted on a cause that seems to have no end. So much of this

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1521 words - 6 pages dealers being discovered than distributors and traffickers due to the exposed nature of the job. Therefore, African-Americans are more easily targeted than their Caucasian counterparts solely by the type of drug. The more easily a specific race is affected the more often they will be convicted. Stereotyping as described by Tamborini, Huang, Mastro, & Nabashi-Nakahara, (2007), in regards to passing judgment on a more likely group to commit drug

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1751 words - 7 pages ’ illicit activities, including drug trafficking, money laundering, gang violence, extortion and blackmail. Amongst all the regulations, drug enforcement is the most vulnerable towards corruption. In the case where law-enforcing authorities accept bribes from the drug dealers no victim is left to complain to the forces. Also when police officers force money out of drug dealers, they are in no position to complain against these dishonest policemen. Drug

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798 words - 4 pages the greater risk associated with selling drugs. Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy call this the “paradox of the war on drugs” in their essay “Have We Lost the War on Drugs?” Because of the risk of imprisonment, drug dealers charge more from customers to compensate for that risk. It is the same principle that makes any illegal substance so expensive and smugglers so rich. Driven by the high cost of procuring drugs, drug addicts often resort to stealing

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1077 words - 4 pages chapter of Freakonomics the reason why drug dealers live with their moms. Throughout this chapter, the authors discuss questions about why intelligent people sometimes do not ask questions that people really care about, advertising and surveys, and why, in general, do drug dealers still live with their moms. The use of testimonial evidence is prudent in the chapter because its proof builds the case for the qualitative evidence used during the drug