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Drug Effects On Sports Essay

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Last year on the seventeenth of August, “major league baseball suspend[ed] Kansas City Royals Miguel Tejada for 105 games without pay for testing positive for an amphetamine” (Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports). The major league baseball organization suspends players involved in doping; however is this an appropriate way to handle this situation? Doping, of any player, during athletic activity displays no sportsmanship toward athletes of the opposing team. Applying a strong, dangerous substances to a player’s body does not provide fair treatment to other athletes who build their physical structure in natural ways. Most people realize what it takes to compete at a high level of sports, ...view middle of the document...

Athletes are taking advantage of the drugs in the world for different purposes, and the stimulants that the players ingest generate a variety of outcomes.
The use of stimulants for athletic ability “date back to ancient Greeks and ancient Maya” (Drug Free Sport). Because of the aggressive environment the world lives in today, the use of drugs to increase performance have progressed steadily. Multiple different types of doping occur in the world of sports today, and steroids, being the most common, are generally injected. There are “anabolic steroids, stimulants, human growth hormone[s], and supplements” acquired today by athletes (Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports). If the designer drugs do not meet the Food and Drug Administration standards, complications can occur in the human body. The drugs athletes apply to their body increase athletic ability - this is an advantage for the athlete, but also a disadvantage for the organization because it shows a lack of sportsmanship. Symptoms of designer drugs are: “drooling, blurred vision, anorexia, uncontrolled tremors, and death” (Drugs and Sports). For example, the “East German athletes who were given steroids under medical supervision, are now suffering serious adverse health effects” (Mitten). Even though the German athletes had guidance, steroids are neither a natural nor a fair way to develop durability. The consumption of these performance enhancing drugs are serious at any level, but some people believe that using drugs as an enhancement in performance should...

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