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Drug Issues Among Teens Essay

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According to Dr. Manny Alvarez in his article, teenage drug use in America is becoming an epidemic and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. In his article titled, “Teen drug abuse becoming an epidemic, must be addressed,” he mention about two of the most abused drugs among the teenagers of this country. He said that the two most common drugs being used by teenagers are Marijuana also known by its street name “Weed” and Pain Killers. The article offered some decent explanation as to why the drug use is problematic. It was stated in the article that, “A report released Wednesday by The Partnership at showed that “heavy” marijuana use among teenagers is up 80 ...view middle of the document...

And just about 23 years later, the number of prescription written jumped to over 200 million, in a country filled with just over 300 million people. The article lets the reader know that the main reason why there are so many drug abuses is because we have become too relaxed on the flow of these drugs as a nation. In the article, Dr. Alvarez told a story about how a man posed as him over the phone to order a prescription drug at a pharmacy and the man was successful because he knew all the right information that the pharmacist needed.
I think the causes attributed to the drug use is both individual and institutional/structural in nature in this case, because it’s stated in the article that, “prescription and over-the-counter medications are some of the most commonly abused drugs by high school seniors. A survey of teenagers by the CDC in 2009 found that one in five teenagers had taken prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription.” According to the quote above, we can conclude that high school seniors come together and take the drugs either in a single setting or in a...

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