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Drug Offenses Australian Legal Studies

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Drug Offenses

The offenses covered by this type of crime

According to :

The offenses covered by this type of crime include:

Possession of prohibited drugs

Cultivation of prohibited plants

Supply of prohibited drugs

Supply of prohibited drugs on an ongoing basis

Administering prohibited drugs

Manufacture of prohibited drugs

Possession of prohibited drug precursors

The behaviour that is criminalized

Virtually all of forms of drug offenses are criminalized aside from a set few exception of decriminalization.
The behaviour that is criminalized generally includes behaviour that is not a `public order' offense or that does produce a victim as a result of the crime i.e. administering of drugs like cannabis and heroin. These acts are generally treated lightly by magistrates with a `slap on the wrist' or a simply asking the defendant to enter a rehabilitation program.

In the past few years governments have been unsuccessful in stamping out low level cannabis and drug use, and in order to redirect policing resources towards high level drug crimes some States and the Territories have implemented automatic set penalties for less serious cannabis offences.

Exact details do vary but the general rule of this form of decriminalization is that police can issue you with a form of infringement notice to pay a set fine within the specified time; If you pay the fine, there is no further action and no conviction recorded against you. If you do not pay the fine, you will be taken to court and be liable to punishment in the usual way.

Factors that may contribute and lead to this criminal behaviour

Source of income

Recreational factors

Low income may lead to administering of drugs to combat depression and psychological problems

Occurs in high income earners who can afford to easily sustain an expensive drug addiction

Peer pressure

Childhood influence of drugs

The attitude of society about this type of...

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