Drug Testing And Legalization Of Marijuana

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For over a century the legalization of medical marijuana in the United States has been a growing controversy. Washington and Colorado are the two recent states that have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational uses. In contrast, others in federal positions believe the use of marijuana has no beneficial use to it which creates a struggle into its legalization. Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug believed to be dangerous and highly addictive, also thought to be a “gateway” drug leading to a dark path of drug abuse. Most of these poor assumptions are supported and investigated to be incorrect by many researchers and first hand users. The strict drug laws around the United States have made tests of marijuana's effectiveness nearly impossible to complete. The medical uses of marijuana are still not fully understood till this day and is still being continued to be researched for its beneficial uses by physicians and other doctors in the field. The production of marijuana involves several Durable items like fans, lights, pump, tubing, etc. Consumables, electricity, labor cost and rent that all in total add up to a large bill depending on how your growing it, your skills on the growth of cannabis and organization of the operation.
In 1995, Martin Martinez was diagnosed with Kaposi’s Sarcoma caused by the deadly AIDS virus. He had severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Martin’s oncologist advised him that the only way to fight through his malignant intestinal cancer was with chemotherapy. Martin was given several different pills everyday including Compazine and Marinol which did not help and had side effects. Left feeling miserable Martin was desperate to try anything that would make him feel better which lead him to smoking marijuana. Marijuana reduced Martin’s severe abdominal pain better than morphine. Marijuana also reduced his nausea and improved his appetite, allowing him to cope with chemotherapy and keep down more than 10,000 pills per year. “Most importantly, because I smoked the Marijuana, the medicinal compounds bypassed my cancerous intestines. Inhalation through my lungs directly into my blood stream resulted in rapid relief of symptoms with exact control of dosage. I experienced no adverse effects, no hallucinations or other perceptual disorders, contrary to what I had been led to expect.” People who support the medical uses of marijuana like Martin argue that the THC doses in Marinol are too high and produce numerous amounts of side effects. Supporters believe smoking marijuana is better for you because it allows you to control the amount of THC they take into their body.
Multiple Sclerosis is a progressively worsening nerve disease that targets the brain and spinal cord damaging myelin cells in your body. This causes the messages sent out from your brain to your body to slow down or stop, initiating the symptoms of MS. Treatment for MS typically looks like taking steroids, tranquilizers, sedatives,...

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