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Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients Essay

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“America is facing a national debt of more than $14 trillion” (Vitter). This debt is only made worse by Welfare recipients who abuse the welfare benefits to purchase illegal drugs that hurts the economy and is a danger to society. This is happening all over the world and nothing has done about it. Some say drug testing is a unfair attack on the poor but it could actually benefit them as a push to get help. Drug Testing Welfare recipients will better the economy in several ways. It would be an uprising change for everyone. I believe that there should be drug testing for welfare recipients because working people have to take one to keep a job so welfare recipients should take part in that ...view middle of the document...

Screenings would identify cases of dependency and would be paired with treatment programs to directly address the single biggest problem in their lives” (“Welfare”). There’s a chance they can finally get clean. They could even possibly get a amazing job and get off welfare. It would be a astonishing accomplishment and a start to a healthier life. It’s not an attack on poor but more of a helping hand.
We as a nation who pay taxes and get money taken out of our taxes to help welfare do not want to see our money going to drugs. Why would we want the money we work hard for go too illegal substances? We honestly can’t afford to have are tax money to go to nonsense like this when we are in the debt we’re in (Vitter). We need to make sure are money is going where it’s supposed to be going by drug testing. We don’t want to work this hard and pay our taxes for our money to be given to a random welfare recipient to buy drugs. We want the money to be used in a properly manner for things like food. We want to help them better themselves, not destroy themselves.
Drug testing the welfare recipients now you see will...

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