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It’s the middle of the month and bills are due. Will there be enough money to pay the bills and buy the groceries for the month? These are just a few worries that welfare recipients have everyday of their life living paycheck to paycheck. Should welfare recipients be stereotyped as drug users just because they don’t have all the money they need to pay for the cost of living? Citizens living like this don’t exactly have the spare money to pay for the drug tests. So who will pay for these tests? In Lizette Alvarez’s article, she used Newton’s statement that citizens who are drug tested before receiving welfare benefits and test negative will be reimbursed by the state, but the money that is used to reimburse innocent citizens who were drug tested and tested negative is more than would have been paid out to the applicants who failed the tests. Drug testing welfare recipients is an infringement upon their rights. First, passing the law to drug test welfare recipients violates the rights of those citizens who need help getting back on their feet. Also, the money that is being used to test for drugs can surely be put toward a wiser action that can help the common public. Plus, drug testing welfare recipients only singles citizens out and makes it a undoubtedly a humiliating experience for those applying for help. Drug testing for receiving welfare benefits? The request to pass drug testing as a mandatory law to screen welfare recipients is an infringement upon Fourth Amendment rights and should never be passed.
Citizens who are drug tested before being granted welfare benefits are having their rights violated when all they need is help getting back on their feet. The Fourth Amendment clearly states biased searches will not be tolerated unless there is probable cause to suspect them of a violation of the law. The courts are now moving to help support those who are applying for welfare. Howard Simon, American Civil Liberties Union of Florida’s (A.C.L.U) executive director pointed out that “ the courts are now signaling to politicians that they are not going to treat poor people as if they were exempt from constitutional rights” (Robles). These new laws that are becoming present are ending up in court more often than would be desired because of the argument of the law being unconstitutional. It is plausible to drug test the applicants that appear to be drug users, but you can’t test everyone overall that is applying for welfare benefits because that would be stereotyping all of the applicants as a whole to be drug abusers when only a handful are.
Money being wasted to catch only a few drug addicts can surely be put to a wiser action to benefit the common public that will flourish from its assistance. The number of addicts that are caught using these drug tests is dwarfed by the sheer number of innocent people that don’t use and have to be tested for what reason but just to simply satisfy the government. In fact only 2.6 percent...

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