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Drug Testing Not Required For Welfare Benefits

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Drug testing public citizens would create havoc as many people require government assistance if they are injured and cannot work to pay their living expenses. Those same citizens may be on medications that would cause them to perpetually test positive on drug tests when in reality they are doing nothing wrong. What about the money being spent on the drug tests, who will pay for that? In Lizette Alvarez’s article she used Newton’s idea that citizens who are drug tested before receiving welfare benefits that test negative will be reimbursed by the state, but the money that is used to reimburse innocent citizens is more than would have been paid out to the common public who failed the tests. ...view middle of the document...

It is plausible to drug test the applicants that appear to be drug users, but you can’t test everyone overall that is applying for welfare benefits because that would be stereotyping all of the applicants as a whole to be drug abusers when only a handful are.
Money being wasted to catch only a few drug addicts can surely be put to a wiser action to benefit the common public that will flourish from its assistance. The number of addicts that are caught using these drug tests is dwarfed by the sheer number of innocent people that don’t use and have to be tested for what reason but just to simply satisfy the government. In fact only 2.6 percent of people were found to be using drugs when this test was used in Florida and state records clearly state that this requirement cost them more to implement than it has saved them by catching those 108 people out of 4,086 (Robles). The money that is being used to catch the few people that are on government aid programs would be more wisely used to help those that are honest, hard-working citizens that are trying to get by in order to support their families. There are always other types of programs that could put that money to a better use, like giving it to a homeless shelter or schools. Many opponents will argue and state that the taxpayers are not responsible for an addicts habit. While this is true, it is also very wrong. Taxpayers don’t support an addicts habit as it is more common for drug users to be in the wealthier of the public, because they can afford to support their habit, hide their habit, and still be able to provide plenty for their family.
Welfare applicants now will have to face a new form of humiliation that singles them out when they go to apply for government aid. If the law gets passed there will be an entrance fee to get aid, this fee: a drug test. To some this may not be horrible as jobs are now requiring a drug screening before hiring to keep everyone honest and their company drug free. The disgrace of not being trusted can be a degrading experience to many honest citizens that need the extra money to help them get by and properly support their family. For example, a young single mother that has to support her disabled mother and two children broke down in tears when she found out that she would have to suffer a new indignity when applying. Thinking that just having to be on welfare was punishment enough she now would have to pay for a drug test in order to receive...

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