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Drug Testing Student Athletes Essay

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Drug Testing Student Athletes
Every athlete has probably at some point has been told to represent their school with class. Athletes are held to high standards, they are expected do the right thing on and off the field, and to lead others by setting a good example. As a role model for younger athletes and other students, should our athletes be required to prove they are being responsible even when no one is watching? Should we drug test all of our athletes to ensure they are making the right choices and setting a good example for younger athletes?
Some may say that drug testing students is unconstitutional because it is an “invasion of privacy”. This, however, is not true. . . “In 1995, the United States Supreme Court ruled that drug testing for high school athletes was constitutional, and some districts expanded their policies to include middle schools.” I believe allowing schools to drug test athletes was a very positive thing. For many reason, but mainly because athletes who are on drugs have a higher risk of being injured. For example a kid who is on drugs and plays a sporting event has a greater risk of their heart stopping on the field or court. “Drug tests analyze bodily samples such as urine, blood, or hair to detect the presence of legal and illegal drugs.” The most common one is urine testing. I believe urine testing is the best way for high school students, because it does not take as long as some other tests and it is not as costly as other tests. This is especially important because obviously a school does not want to spend money on anything they do not have to. Our school does randomly drug test students every once in a while but only a few of the athletes are chosen to take the test so that really is not helping stop the problem of athletes being on drugs. I believe that every student athlete should be required to take a urine drug test before sports start.
There are just a few simple steps to complete a urine drug test. The first step is the person must provide a urine sample in a clean container, it is best to do this portion of the test in an environment where the urine can’t be tampered with the second step is to send the urine sample to the laboratory for evaluation which includes the following: an immunoassay which is a laboratory method for detecting a substance by using an antibody reactive with it. An immunoassay test measures the concentration of drugs in the urine sample by using their reactions against other substances. “ If the screening test is positive, confirmation is sought with a more sensitive test. If the confirmation test is positive, a physician trained in drug testing then reviews it and contacts the student. . .”
After the drug test results come back every student who was tested negative for drugs will be eligible to play sports. Every student who’s test come back positive for any drugs will not be eligible for any school related sports. However they should be given a one month period to get clean and...

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