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Drug Traffic, A Dea Report

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This a report of our current drug traffic situation we have been following between the border of Mexico and our homeland, the United States of America. This report has been generated by Agent Emily Richards, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Currently I am heading a special subcommittee task force that has been following the current drug traffic issues we have with Mexico. Data collected by my committee has given evidence to difficult matters occurring that have kept the current drug cartels of Mexico in business. The following paragraphs will give detailed information on what our committee has discovered.
We have been working with Mexican police officer Javier Rodriguez, who has given us great insight on two major drug cartels currently operating in Mexico. Rodriquez is currently following and attempting to stop drug trafficking into the United States (U.S.) along the Mexican border. He has given us detailed information on his recent connections and findings.
Recently, he and his partner Manolo Sanchez, found out some information on a plane carrying a large amount of cocaine that secretly landed in the Mexican desert near Tijuana. He and his partner were able to intercept the truck carrying cocaine in an attempt of major drug bust. While driving the truck through the desert, their truck was intercepted by Mexico’s General Salazar. General Salazar overtook the vehicle and excused the officers of further duties surrounding their efforts with the drug bust.
General Salazar is known as one of the number one crime fighters for Mexico. Unfortunately we have some mixed information from Officer Javier Rodriguez that contradicts this statement. After the drug bust in the Mexican desert, General Salazar took a strong interest in Officer Rodriguez. General Salazar was impressed with Officer Rodriquez intel on the drugs being flown into the Mexican desert. Salazar asked Rodriquez to join his military team on their conquest of ending the war against a Mexican drug cartel. Rodriquez agreed and shortly after was invited to General Salazar’s desert hideout.
While at the desert hideout, Rodriquez trust was tested. He was asked to bring in a known hit man connected with one of the Mexican drug cartels headed by the Obregón brothers called the Tijuana Cartel. Rodriquez was able to lure the hit man back to the Mexican military. The hit man was taken to Salazar’s desert hideout where he was tortured and interrogated for information in regards to top leaders in the Tijuana Cartel.
As Rodriquez’s connection with General Salazar’s strengthened, he and his partner had been asked to safely escort a women to her new private home. When the women was dropped off at her new home, she was surprised to see her husband waiting for her. This was also a surprise to Rodriquez and his partner. The man waiting for the women at the house was a known drug cartel leader for the Juarez Cartel, who was thought to be dead following a recent plastic surgery...

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