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Drug Use Among Athletes Essay

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What do you know about drugs? Are they bad? If so, why? There is a legal age of using drugs but at some point, there are rules when drugs are not allowed to be used at all. For example, sports, should the athletes use drugs to compete and make themselves stronger? This event has happened to a lot of the professional athletes as well, but most of them have not admitted it.
In this article, one baseball player Alex Rodriguez admitted that he was using drugs in the past. He was supposed to be nominated to the next hall of fame but with him and the drugs, does he deserve the hall of fame spot when he cheated himself and everyone? Alex Rodriguez admitted using drugs when he was playing for the Texas Rangers from 2001-2003. There were a crowd of reporters wanting to hear his statement of what happened to him and the drugs. “I was young and stupid,” Alex Rodriguez said.
After performing for the Sports Illustrated, Alex Rodriguez was listed top 104 players from Major League Baseball, who was tested for drugs and he was one of them. Steroids weren’t illegal at that time, but other drugs were. Many of the fans were shocked that he used drugs to become a better ball player. Now that he admitted using drugs, will he still be recognized as the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Cooperstown, NY?
In my opinion, Alex Rodriguez was powerful enough to face the world by admitting he was using drugs, but at the same time, he should know better not to do that. Now that his “reputation” is ruined, he would not get as much support as he would before from his fans. Also,
it wouldn’t be fair to other baseball players who have worked hard without using drugs, and Alex cheated by using drugs.
Barry Bonds the professional baseball player was the one who have high leading of home runs in above from the first one is Hank Aaron. He played for Major League Baseball. But the fans and other people complained about his side of his life that he was cheated by using steroids, tried to break Hank Aaron’s record and got all of...

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