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Drug Use Among Teenagers Essay

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It has some good information about drug abuse. Teacher said it was a good paper and deserving of the gradeDrug Use Among Teenagers~~~ While I was conducting my research, I located the actual survey results and decided to include them with this essay. (I included them at the end of my essay). ~~~The three main drugs that are used among teenagers are Marijuana, LSD, and a variety of inhalants. The use of these drugs seem to be of an astronomical amount according to the survey conducted by the University of Michigan.Marijuana is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried,shredded flowers and leaves of the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). You may hear marijuana called by street names such as pot, herb, weed, boom, Mary Jane, gangster, or chronic. There are more than 200 slang terms for marijuana.Sinsemilla (sin-seh-me-yah; it's a Spanish word), hashish('hash' for short), and hash oil are stronger forms ofmarijuana.All forms of marijuana are mind-altering. This means theychange how the brain works. They all contain THC(delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the main active chemical inmarijuana. But there are also 400 other chemicals in themarijuana plant.LSDLSD is very potent: the effective dose is measured in micrograms (ug) -- however, the lethal dose is literally thousands of times that, making the drug essentially non-toxic. LSD can be administered a number of ways, the most common: orally through paper, sugar cubes, on a piece of gelatin, or by pill; intravenously; or intramuscularly. Astandard dose with noticeable hallucinogenic effects is about 100-200 ug. The intensity of the trip is proportional to the size of the dose -- it is interesting to note, though, that the duration of the trip seems to stay the same at higher doses (Freedman, 1984). The initial effects begin 20-40 minutes with a sense of euphoria and dizziness. Hallucinations then begin...

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1253 words - 5 pages Users on Young People. Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Vol. 33.Holloway. M. (2004). Becoming an Adult. In Meyers, M(Ed), Individuals and Families in a Divers Society (pp. 98-102). Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.Tjepkema, Michael. (2004). Use of Cannabis and Other Illicit Drugs. Statistics Canada. Vol: 15.Poulin, Christine. (1999). Alcohol and Drug use Among Adolescent Students in Atlantic Provinces. Canadian Journal of Public Health. Vol: 09.

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1159 words - 5 pages conducted in 2002, the results concluded that nearly 3.2 million teenagers had dropped out of school, and half of those who dropped out had smoked cigarettes, used illegal drugs, or abused alcohol. The survey was conducted by an organization called the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Stress can lead to alcohol abuse in teenagers, but there are many other ways to cope with stress besides drinking. Getting a good night’s sleep, taking a break once

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976 words - 4 pages have shown that the success of the President’s drug policy is effective. Conclusion The National Drug Control Strategy was issued two years ago to reduce drug use among teenagers and adults. The success of the President’s drug policy can be measured by its results. The student drug testing approach has reduced drug use and discouraged first time users significantly. Communities have been more actively involved in anti-drug programs for youth

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837 words - 3 pages A drug is a substance that changes the mind and body. Drug use is the increasing problem among teenagers today. Most drug use begins in the preteen and teenage years, these years most crucial in the growing process. During these years teens are faced with difficult tasks of discovering their self identity, discovering independence, learning to cope with authority and searching for goals that would give their lives some sort of meaning

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