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Many people believe that drugs have become a problem within schools. However, this is not the case. Schools need to use funds to buy drugs for students. The drugs would benefit the school, students in multiple ways. The three most beneficial drugs would be marijuana, methamphetamine, and heroin. Other drugs will be given to tailor a student’s needs. Although some people believe schools should try to end drug use among students, but schools actually need to introduce drugs to the students.
Marijuana use is already prominent among students, so the schools would have to spend less money to introduce it. Marijuana would be most beneficial if it was given mainly to the smarter kids, because it would diminish their ability to comprehend problems. This would create a level playing field among students. It is also a well-known fact that marijuana makes people hungry. Therefore, this would increase sales in ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, meth would tremendously help student and staff performances.
Heroin would be used to help wind down students. It can be difficult to sit in a chair all day if you have too much energy. Heroin would decrease energy among students, which would help teachers keep students in line. Heroin would also be used at home to help students sleep. Heroin can also be used to help students lose weight, which would especially help the wrestling team because they must make-weight for matches. Obesity would also decline with heroin use, which would make the students much healthier. The students would not even have to work out to lose weight, so we can save money by shutting down the weight room.
The opposition fears several aspects of this proposal. Many believe that drug use is dangerous, and could cause heart attacks and over doses. They believe that measures need to be taken to prevent drug use. They have proposed ideas such as drug counseling for students who use drugs. They have also recommended we use dogs to find drugs in the school. It is also said that the school should install more cameras, so that students will stray from exchanging drugs. The opposition also believes that introducing drugs to students will cause them to lie, cheat, and steal from their friends and family. It is also said that drug addiction leads to bad hygiene. Although, none of these reasons outweigh the benefits of drug use; such as better academic performances, increased happiness among students, and well-rested skinny students.
In conclusion, eliminating drugs from schools will take away many benefits involved with drug use. There is no possible way to eradicate drug use, so why not embrace it. Besides, why would you want to get rid of their many benefits? Marijuana, meth, and heroin would just be the start. Imagine all the possibilities of giving other drugs to students. I thoroughly believe that letting students use drugs is the best solution to the so-called drug problem in schools, and I challenge anyone to persuade me that my proposal is not the best solution.

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