Drug Abuse In America Essay

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Use of drugs by early adolescents is increasing by the minute. Approximately 12.8 million Americans twelve and older use illegal drugs daily. Adolescents seem to abuse drugs more than any other age group. Ninety percent of Americans who have used illegal drugs have used marijuana or hashish. Society says drugs are evil and that they can turn a person into a rapist or murderer. America happens to be the most drug-aware and drug-experienced society in the world (Bancroft 2). Yet the United States of America has the highest drug abuse rate of any country in the world. Most Americans believe that drug abuse is a social problem. 45% of Americans know someone that is a drug addict. Drug use threatens every socio-economic background, geographical area, and race. Drug abuse has become a social problem because it has started to cause criminal activity and violence. Specifically, it leads to gender violence, employment and education delays and problems, and creates drug cartels.
Drug abuse can cause gender violence, depending on the drug. 48% of gender based violence is caused by drug consumption (Fernandez-Montalvo 2012:143). Drug addicts believe they are in control of everyone they have a relationship with, due to masculine exterior. Psychologists did a research over drug abusers and how that affects their personality. The study consisted of 314 patients (203 men and 49 women) from different socio-economic levels. After the study was done, every patient reported that they could not control violent behavior in different settings. 33% of patients admitted to becoming more aggressive and violent toward others while on drugs, and eighty percent of them were men. For most cases, “violence emerged in crime settings to obtain money for buying drugs” (Fernandez-Montalvo 2012:147). A majority of the patients found to be violent were also younger than most. The study showed that between forty and sixty percent of drug abusers who live with their significant others have been violent against their partners. Very few women were a part of the study, but generally male drug addicts tended to be more violent. Domestic violence is a major issue when it comes to drug abuse and it is caused by aggressive behavior from the illicit drugs. Some researchers suggest that substance abuse increases the violence, but evidence proves an individual would have had to been thinking about being violent before they consumed alcohol or any illicit drugs (Bennett 1997: 1).
Drug abuse can affect education and obtaining employment. Students know that using drugs may cause them to lose opportunities for a better education (Bennett 1970:7). Consequences may include jail sentences, fines, and bad criminal records. Studies have also shown that students that are heavy drug users tend to have lower test scores than the average student. Many drug users do not notice their grades drop because the more they use the drug; the less they care about anything besides consuming more of it. This does not...

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