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Drug Wars In Mexico Essay

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Current situation in Mexico
Drug Wars
According to CNN fast facts one of the things that is surprising and shocking before inducting the topic of Drug wars is that ninety percent of the cocaine that enters the U.S transits through Mexico. This generates a great finding based on this high percentage. Mexico is the main supplier of marijuana. The controversy between two countries begins there. More controversial is also the fact that the Mexican government has been fighting war with drug traffickers since December 2006. As a result of this, more than 60,000 people have been killed.
Many sociologists have encountered the violent crimes that have shoot in here in the United States, however there is a wide difference to the violence in Mexico. Today, the fears of a resurgence of drug related crime are growing because of the situation in Mexico (Gaines 2008). In order to prevent illicit drugs from coming in the United States, the U.S have employed advanced military tactics and make a primary use of sophisticated weaponry such as sniper, rifles, grenades and even mortars attacks on security personnel (Common Sense for Drug Policy , 2013). I addition to this, the cross-border has noticed that the flow of money and funs into Mexico from the United States have caused more violence in the cities of Mexico. Police and drug dealers have fought brutally to control drug distributions.
Police Corruption
Devil’s Highway
Luis Alberto Urrea, author of the book The Devil’s Highway, reveals a sentimental story of men who struggle to come to the United States in search of the American dream. However, one of the things that they face is corruption in their own countries. Not only with the people living in their neighborhood, but with people such as police officers whose main mission is to serve and protect their citizens.
One of the main controversies and overall difficulties the main character confronted was the negotiation with the smugglers to help him and his people come to the United States. Him and his group were unaware that those smugglers had been part of drug trafficking and they only wanted their money to get more than what they already had. More disgusted was giving away their money when they lived in poverty and their dream was to cross the border and come to the United State to be able to support their family. When he got reported he couldn’t even trust the police officers at his country because they had some relationship with the smugglers and overall drug dealers who only used immigrants to take drugs to the U.S and then kill them before they made in to what they called “The American Dream.”
In connection to this book, there’s a film called “La Mission” that explains the complications of cultures when Mexican drug wars enter to the United States. The importance of this film is to explain how being exposed to certain environment makes someone reflect the same way in the future. Che Rivera, one of the characters of the movie, grew up with morals very...

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